Thursday, September 15, 2011

Everything is fine

Hello everyone! I must make this short but I wanted to check in. Things are going well. The kids are all doing great. Im doing wonderful and am dating a very very nice man. We have been dating for a little over a month now. Im very happy.

My weight loss as it stands is 202-203 depending on the day and that is a grand total of 117 pounds lost. GO ME!!!!!! Im in a size 14 pants and I can wear a size Large shirt in womens. Im feeling good.

I know many of you read Rebekah's blog. One of the main reasons Im posting this is because I have received many texts and comments from people that are worried about my son because Rebekah voiced some concerns about one of "Ty's older sibling (brothers)" that is having a hard time. I assure you that it is not one of my boys. Ty has brothers from my kids and his birth father kids and it is unfortunatly on the birth fathers side. Of course the situation is very sad and so if you are the praying type please pray for this boy as he needs it.

Blogging has certainly taken a back seat since I have sent the girls to their dads and started dating. It is a new chapter in my life but I am certain I will be back at it soon as I have so much to share.

For now I am enjoying the upcoming Fall that I feel in the air, and life is pretty good.

Until next time,