Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Needing something...

I haven't been here in a while. Its not new news that I'm a busy lady and I have a hard time balancing time for myself and time for my normal duties. That doesnt discount the fact that I am REALLY wanting to share my heart...more of my story going WAY back before I became a birth mom. I wonder if people really want to hear it?

My life really could be put into a book. A good little christian girl, looses her way at the very young age of 18. The things that followed were just beyond what a "normal" life should be. Here I am years later at age 39 and Im just now processing what has happened to me. Im married for the third time and now I have eight kids. The journey from 18 to here is very interesting and I think it would help me be able to process it all by writing it down. But where do I start?

Here is me and my oldest daughter...the one who made me a mom at 18 years old. I cherish our relationship now because the first 18 years of her life were not so easy on us. We have been through a lot together.