Monday, August 4, 2014

Skylers story Part 9

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cindie nunez said...

giiiiirl..... when i was the manager of the CPS group homes I went thru so much of what you are talking about with these variety of kids..... its crazy the affects these medicines have on our kids.... CRAZY!! One kid was soooooo freakin violent on risperdal.... (btw isnt that the medicine that causes boys to grow boobies?) One of them does that....... its true, kids, humans, people are just human guinea pigs/ lab rats. its crazy....... I did want to say that you can request a "one on one" this is someone in school (an adult) who's only job at all during the day is to be right next to your child all school day long, to make sure he is not hurting himself or anyone else. I also was hired as a one on one in a high school for a child in a special ed class. I LOVED my job! that may be something you want to ask about...... again its called a One on One. Also girl open up you bible and start quoting those scriptures over your son. First thing you can start with is "Skyler has the mind of Christ" "Skyler was made in the image of Christ" speak those scriptures over your son OUT LOUD into his hearing...... the bible is a healing balm.... I promise becky. God is the one who created skyler and His word will heal him. You just have to believe it to be true. I love you girl and I love listening to you talk. blessings