Sunday, February 13, 2011

MckMama without pitty?

Ive wanted to blog about this for a long time but haven't taken the time to do it. Ive been a follower of MckMama for a long time. I think her blog is a story of sorrow and healing and victory. I think she blogs the truth, loves the Lord with all her heart, and isn't afraid to show it. I have a lot of respect for her. Her children are precious and her photography is amazing. More on MckMama in a minute.

I am also a follower of MWOP which stands for "MckMama without pity." I am not actually a follower but I pop in here and there because it astounds me, but not in a good way. This blog was put together for one soul destroy MckMama. Why do I even care about this you ask? Well, truly I don't really care that much about it but it is sad that these people put so much time and attention into destroying one person. Seriously? If you visit this blog its crazy to see how many comments are posted under each post. They number in the thousands. I cant imagine how much gossip and slander and lies these people are conversing about. Its destructive, a waste of time, and truly holds no purpose.

Mckmama started blogging before her little Stellan was born. Stellan was born with a heart condition and was not supposed to live....but he did. We all blog here in the blog world. Most of us blog about the trials in our lives or the tragedies that we are going through. Most of our blogs don't get much attention, we don't receive many comments, yet we still blog because its therapeutic. Jennifer's blog; however, did become popular and she did receive offers for adds that offered the chance to make money. What would you do if you had the chance to make money just for blogging? Would you do it? I sure as heck would. Bring me a chance to blog and make money, id take it any day. Its funny how jealousy can bring such hatred like I see on the blog MWOP. Jennifer is a great writer and now she makes money doing it, but she gets pounded into the ground for doing it as well. Cant we just sit back and enjoy her sweet family?

I'm not an eloquent writer like MckMama or my sweet Rebekah. I put my thoughts out there but they are usually jumbled around like a scrabble game. Its very refreshing to visit blogs that actually make sense, and are easy to read. I support MckMama. She is frail and week just like the rest of us. She is human and fails just like the rest of us. It only because of God living in us that we have even a semblance of goodness in us. Why do we need to gossip and tear down?

Early morning thoughts.

Ive never been one to like sleeping to much. I sleep because I have to but even in my sleep I long to get up and start a new day. No matter what the day, I always wake up at 5:00am. I love the mornings. I tip toe around the house trying not to wake the kids while I brew my coffee and enjoy the silence. Its my favorite part of the day.

Wednesday was officially one year since Tyrus was legally adopted. That day was such a happy day for everyone. We always knew that Ty was part of Ben and Rebekah's family the moment I decided on adoption, but this just put a little cherry on the Sunday (if you know what I mean). So we celebrate one year of our families coming together. The looks of happiness and tears of joy I see on Rebekah and Ben's faces are priceless to me. Every moment I see their faces reminds me of the choice I made and I don't regret it. You cant go back and change the past...I cant make the sadness always disappear, but I can soak in the joy that Ty always brings. I do get sad, but not for long...after all....there is still Skype. (wink)

I miss my girls desperately. If I think about it to much I cant stop from crying. I am really good at suppressing emotions. If I let my mind wonder to what has been lost then my heart sinks so far down into dispare that I have to look up and start talking to God to bring me back. Dispare is such a trap. You have to be so careful not to stay in that emotion to long or it will destroy you. I have to remember the reasons I let the girls go, they are happy, well taken care of, and I have not truly lost them...its just distance. I did have a really fun time making them Valentines packages. I don't have a boyfriend...but I do have four little valentines in my life. I'm so blessed!!!!

I'm moving...again (sigh). With the girls gone I don't need such a large place so I am downsizing. Pictures and bragging rights to come....because...Im finally getting my hard wood floors. I couldn't be more excited!!!

Well, before the little ones wake up, I'm going to go make some coffee!!