Saturday, July 9, 2011

My visit to see Tyrus...

I know how long overdue this is. Its funny how life can just fly by and I notice that I feel like I am so busy that I don't take the time to do the things that used to bring me so much joy like reading and blogging. I miss it here!

I'm doing well. My life centers around the boys and work and loosing weight...and lately a tad bit of dating.

I did make it out to see Rebekah and Ben and Tyrus. I got more and more excited as the day approached. Care for the boys was set...time off work was scheduled and my bags were packed. The day came and what I thought was going to be a quick 4.5 hour flight to Michigan turned out to be a tear filled frustrating day. To make it short...after ALL day waiting and three different flights...I finally arrived in Michigan around midnight (a whole day wasted). I went to baggage claim to collect my bags only to find out that because of all my delays and switched flights, my bags were missing. Sometimes in life you just have to laugh...and I'm not sure me and Rebekah laughed that night but in retelling the story later we sure did. I did eventually get my bags delivered to Rebekah's house...but not until the night before I left. Nice hugh? LOL

What mattered most was that I made it there. What mattered most was the amazing moments I had with this wonderful family.

I bought Ty an airplane at the airport while I was waiting. He loved it. It made take off noises and I found that I could make him laugh if I made it fly across the coffee table and crash onto the floor. I think I did that for him 100 times.

We went to a dairy farm. Ty couldn't say Rebekah. It came out more like Helga. I laughed and giggled every time he called me Helga. It didn't bother me at all. Every time we were in the car I could hear him behind me from the back seat say "HHHEEEELLLLGGAAAA," in his sweet almost two year old voice. He would call me and call me until I would look back and make a funny face at him.

It was cold and rainy that day, but we didn't care. Ben had to work so it was Rebekah me and Ty...staying warm...smiling a lot.

This fountain was beautiful. We were able to get someone to take our picture.

We had a big family get together so everyone could meet me and I could meet them. All these people who sent me cards and gifts and well wishes I could finally meet in person. It was such a wonderful time. The lost day meant nothing at this point...we were all laughter and giggles.

The last evening came. It was time for Ty to say goodnight. I must have read him eight books in his room....just he and I. Rebekah and Ben didn't come in the room...they just left us alone. It was a gift to me and one I wont forget.

Saying good night for the last time.
I wondered if he would get up the next morning and yell HELGA down the stairs as he had the past morning only to realize I was gone....and that made me sad.
Sweet kisses, from this sweet boy!
It was a wonderful trip. Rebekah and Ben treated me like family....because we are family. I was never uncomfortable, never felt awkward, just loved. We didn't cry except when we were reminiscing about the beginning of Ty's life. It wasn't as hard as I thought to say goodbye because I knew I would see him again...although today as I type this I am holding back the tears....I miss them all so much!!

Before I left Rebekah said to me "When can you come back?" I'm so blessed!!!