Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Haircut Disaster!

I decided to get a new haircut about a week ago. I was tired of the same thing over the years and thought "lets change it up!" I walked into the hair salon and the lady that was about to cut my hair had a really cute hair cut. I said to her "I like your hair cut, cut mine like yours! And style it to so that I can see how you do it."

It was fun. Of course its always fun to get a new hair cut. They wash it and massage your head and then they talk to you while they are cutting your hair. In the end, you should walk out with a new look, feeling great about yourself right? WRONG!!!

When my hair cut and style were completed I put my glasses on and looked in the mirror. The emotions that went through me are hard to put into words. My hair looked horrible and NOTHING like the hair cut the stylist had. I was mortified. I generally don't put to much care into my hair. After all, it grows back and there is no harm done in the end....but for some reason this time was different. I really really hated it. I was actually embarrassed to be looked at so I quickly whisked myself and my son away and went to the car.

I played with it over the weekend but Monday soon rolled around and I had to go to work. I did my best with it but the message came through loud and clear when not a single person at work mentioned my new hair cut. Clearly I would have thought that if I looked cute then someone would have said "nice hair cut, you look cute." But that didn't happen. I am sure they were just being nice by keeping their silence. LOL I don't blame them.

Let me show you.

Ive bought all the hair gadgets!

Purchased the best hair sprays!

Yet still it looks like this and this is even after I styled it.

I'm frustrated and ready to give up! Next time you see me I just might go Sinead OConner on y'all.

But before I do that I thought I would try on a couple towels and pillow cases.

What do you think?

SIGH!! I'm off to Walmart to buy a curling iron. I figure Ill try going curly before I shave it all off!!!!!!!!!!!!


mak'n Changes said...

Ha ha! You're silly!!! I love the animated pictures,, those were fun,,, and can I just tell you that its not a bad cut!!! when you curl it,, keep the front straight and curl the back only then buy some sticky hair paste and make the crown area in the back kinda messy (bed head) look/ semi spiky. and when you do the front pull a little more from the side than you usually do,, dont stick with the same side part,,,
Its good to toss things up a bit... its ok to hate your hair,,,, and you are right,, it will grow. give it a few inches and you are gonna love it!!
Im proud of you for being bold and making a change,,,, the hairdresser probably has a friend who experiments on her hair and she had no clue how the lady cut it. Or she forgot where she was going with the cut in the middle of all the conversation. Dont worry though... you are still gorgeous inside and out and no haircut can change that!!!! You have been thru too many things for a haircut to ruin your life.
Love you bek!

mak'n Changes said...

I just went back thru your pictures.... i wish I was t here cause there is so much you can do with that cut!! curl the whole thing,, use sticky paste,, create some highth,, and tuck the sides behind your ears.... You can do this!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh so sorry it didnt turn out how you wanted... always so frustrating when that happens !!!!! Can I make a suggestion??? I think you would look so pretty with a warmer, richer, slightly darker hair shade??? Just a demi color that is a bit richer would make the haircut work better for you I think. Like a golden brown would look so nice with your skintone, I think you would be pleasantly surprised. Sometimes a bit of a warmer color can make a haircut that before was not to your likings seem much better. I think the lighter frosted type areas wash out your skin tone and don't do your nice skin justice. I suggest the new demi line, 10 minute hair color that L'Oreal has out now... called "Healthy Look" .. it would make it nice and shiney and make it where the blunt layering lines don't show as much in the haircut. You can google this hair color if you like, but its pretty cheap and there is a $2 coupon on their website. (Im a hair colorist) : I would suggest Dark Golden brown, it would look gorgeous on you!!!

Stephanie said...

Lordy Be!! Girl, don't you dare shave it!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and also wanted to add, you could enlist the help of your daughters and I bet they would have so much fun helping you "color" your hair!!! :) Would be a fun activity as well they would enjoy.

Anonymous said...

hang in there. recently my sister got a hair cut she hated. she cried about it for 2 days. then she went and had it cut again and it looked much better. she had them take more off the back and then had it angle down towards her chin.

maybe if you had them take some more off the back to make it a little more modern. i really an surprised you hate it so much because i didn't think it was that bad. i have a chubby face so i try to stay away from really short hair cuts but yours isn't too shot or anything. is it all the layers and the bangs you don't like? or just that it is short?

anyway, the picture are not nearly as bad as what i thought was coming :)

Karen - Mommy to four sweeties said...

I think its cute! Maybe you are just not used to it yet.

Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

OMG! You had me rolling in this post! I am trying not to laugh because I have been there before, mainly when I attempt to get cute bangs and things go very wrong! I feel for you darlin, I know the feeling!

I don't think it looks that bad, but then again, it is not my hair. I do love that you have such a fantastic sense of humor and I love all the pictures! #6 is my favorite...just made me belly laugh!

Again, I am not laughing at your disappointment, just laughing at your amazing ability to make this all so human. Like you said, it will grow back...but me saying that probably does not help either.

Anonymous said...

i love your hair!!! just keep working with it and you will figure out a way to fix it up!

Laurel said...

Ok, so it's NOT as bad as I thought it would be, from your description. You sure did change your style...a lot!!! No wonder it was such a shock!

Y'know what I would try? Do you have velcro rollers? They'd give you a TON more volume (you have naturally curly hair...right?) and I use them on my dry hair, after I blow dry it. I just take section by section, comb it, put a tiny bit of hairspray on the hair and then wrap the section of hair around my roller. Then I put my hair dryer on low/hot blow it on my hair for maybe 30 seconds...then I'd do my make up and get ready. I normally leave 'em in for at least 20-ish minutes...and then when I take 'em out, the volume is pretty good. It might help, volume wise...

As it grows could do the 'inverted' hair it grows out.

Oh, I feel so badly for you. I've only had ONE of those haircuts where you wanna crawl into a I know what it's like.

Amber, That's Me! said...

That is funny- the pics and the scarcasm on the last pics.... not the hair!

I like it. It does not look bad. But here is my advice... I am thinking your cut is like mine. If I don't curl it it seems to look flat and won't stay "up". I use a hot spray of some sort that I spray on each section before I curl it. It is with the hair spray section stuff... might be called a setting spray, just don't use hair spray before curling. Then I use a curling iron (the big fat round one). I let it cool completely before I do anything with it. So I put make up on... whatever but I look silly because I walk around with these big wide curls on my head for a while. Then I just use my fingers to comb them out/ break them up a little before spraying. My biggest thing is that I use the big iron, not the small one. Hope this might help!

Mama2aMiracle said...

No!! I'm being totally serious here too.. I LOVE it! It looks good on you! You have the face for short hair.

(btw..I've been reading your blog for quiet some time, just kinda a lurker..haha!)


Nati @ I will praise Him said...

Ugh I hate when haircuts go wrong. But your's is not THAT bad, really! Maybe if you got the back/lower part cut a little shorter it'll be easier to style?

Kay said...

I think it's cute. I've had those haircuts where you quickly pay and run out the door to be in the privacy of your own car before you utter the words, "I HATE it!!" I called my last haircut my self-esteem-reducing haircut. I didn't go back to that lady again, she aged me 20yrs with that cut. So with all that said, I know that no matter how much I reassure you that it's cute you aren't feeling good about it. I liked the suggestion of warming your color up a bit. Also, play with it and see if you can't find a way to do it that makes you happier with it. I'm jealous by the way, I don't own a straightening iron. I'm in the 90's still :o) HUGS

Kel said...

oh no! I hate it when cuts go emotional! First of all, it doesn't look bad. The shape is pretty good! It takes time to figure out how to style shorter hair.

Here are two things I see that you could do a little differently.

1. Turn down your dryer power to medium or low if you're already there.

2. use that round brush thing and from the underside of your hair curl forward through the whole "top" or crown of your head. Believe it or not if you flip your head upside down and blow the back dry, it will probably be just fine.

3. Products, use a mousse or texturizing product while it's wet and then if you need a dab of control try a little bit of "paste" or "clay" type styling cream in a little pot rub a pea sized ammount onto your palms and then work some onto your finger tips and use a plucking motion to separate some pieces. It will look cute!

And you know what else? SMILE! You are beautiful, we all have bad hair experiences! Don't let it bring you down!

Hugs!! it will be ok and hair is a renewable resource it grows back! :D

Annjeri said...

Sis, you crack me up. I love the pics! Seriously, even though it is a different hair cut on you and takes a bit to get used to, you look great in it. It really brings out the shape of your jaw and makes your beautiful eyes stand out. Don't be too upset! Love ya.

All My Monkeys said...

Well, I was expeting something MUCH worse. You're much braver that I am, so kudos to you just for THAT! I'm a big, unchangeable chicken. Each time I get my hair cut "short" (and by short I mean, not even as short as shoulder lenghth) i hate it and can't wait til itn's grown out.

Those pics were hilarious, btw.

Sounds like you got some good style tips. Have fun with it. And if all else, you said it - it grows back.

Rebekah said...

It doesn't look as bad as you described it! Just hold our head up high and rock it out. When I first cut my hair short a few months ago I looked like a pin cushion. You just have to roll with it...It will grow back :)

Becky said...

I so relate but I think you look cute!
I'm 41, wanted a new cut and came home and cried and bawled like a baby!!! HATED it!! So, I know the feeling!
The new color is great!

Anonymous said...

DWH This could be a great chance for you & your daughters to have a "bonding" moment with some laughs. Let them experiment with different styles. BTW I wish my hair looked that good. I cant stand anyone touching my head so I go with a "wash & wear" cut. I've never colored but was blessed with good genes in that area. However..there are quite a few really shiny hairs about 3=4 inches long that want the world to know they're there. They stick straight out.

Cynthia said...

it will grow back, thank God! what about a new color?that might help i think. good luck!