Sunday, March 27, 2011

The countdown begins...

I have a HUGE announcement to make. Are you ready for it????? I am flying out to see Tyrus and his momma and daddy in about seven weeks. WHOOP WHOOP!!! I'm beyond excited. Normally they would come out here on there vacation but I have been wanting to go out there and now that Ty is older, he is is a bit more active, and it would be challenging for them to travel. Boy can I relate to that. When my kids were younger I would fly out to visit my parents and I truly thought the plane would never land. I got the the point where I would only fly on the red eyes (late at night) so that hopefully the kids would sleep through the four hour flight. (sigh)

This trip is extra special to me. I actually get to fly to Ty's home state by myself. I LOVE my kids but my five year old is a little high maintenance. Ive never been able to spend time with Ty and his family without my little ones running around. I don't feel like Ive ever really had a chance to enjoy Tyrus. I will only be there for three days but I plan on soaking up every minute of it. I CANT WAIT!!!

My girls are doing good. My oldest was just here in Colorado for a week. She didn't stay with me, she stayed with my mom. I thought she wouldn't want to see me but it turned out to be an amazing week of hugging and laughing and visiting. She didn't want to go back...but she did...and it was a horrible sad goodbye again. I hate her being away, but it is the best thing for now. My second oldest daughter is doing wonderful. Here daddy and step-mom are taking wonderful care of her. I talk to her about three times a week and she seems very happy.

Life has settled down over here. Having just the boys is different and has taken some adjustment. Life is certainly not perfect. I'm constantly having to tell Matthew that life does not have to rule him...but that he can rule his life. I tell him not to let the sad things he has gone through determine his moods or his path to happiness, but to instead look to God and to rise above his circumstances. He gets it....sometimes.

I am OK. I am dabbling into dating here and there. The dating world is not friendly. I'm constantly watching my back and wondering "whats the point," but I then remember that I deserve to be happy. Somehow someday, I will find a man who is trustworthy. I love the song by Michael Buble called "Haven't met you yet." You can listen to it below. One of the lyrics goes:

And I know someday that it'll all turn out
You'll make me work so we can work to work it out
And I promise you kid that I'll give so much more than I get
I just havent met you yet

So, I wait for love...although it seems Ive been waiting for true love all my life, kinda like the princes in "tangled." Although I dont like kid movies, I ended up enjoying this one very much. Love truly is a universal language and everyone is looking for why is it so hard to find?


birthmothertalks said...

Yay!!! I am so excited for you!!

Kelly said...

Congratulations on getting to see sweet Ty; I am excited for you! I also love the song you posted. I am single mom as well, but I have not dated in years and years, maybe one day everything will fall into place and my time will come :)
anyhow, have a good week and I hope time flies between now and the time you get to see Ty! : )
-kelly f.

LisaAnne said...

Hooray for a visit! So glad you will be able to get away for a while and enjoy sweet Ty!

Faith said...

This is so exciting! I can't wait to read all about the big trip...both on yours and the other rebekah's blogs:).

momof2monsters said...

I will be in your neck of the woods in about 3 weeks. We are driving to Colorado with my 3 kiddos and husband to visit my parents and brother. It will be fun. Enjoy your time with Ty and Rebekah and Ben!

Rebekah said...

We can't wait for you to come!!! You are going to get such a good inside-look into Ty's life. I'm most excited that you'll be able to have some quiet time with Ty that's just for you. You'll be hear before you know it!!

Anita said...

Hi Rebekah, I found your blog by hitting "next blog." The "birthmom" in your subtitle caught my attention. Just that alone makes me want to know more of your story. I hope to back track some through your blog when I can.

And, as I was reading the comments, I see that the parents of Tyrus are bloggers, too!

This is fascinating to me!

Blessings to you all.

Life Happens said...

I am so happy that you get to spend time with Ben, Rebakah, and Ty! I hope that you have a great time and make lots of precious memories! :0)