Saturday, March 12, 2011


I just posted on my weight loss blog. I am so overdue to post here. I will get around to it. In the meantime, there is an interview that I did with Rebekah here. But please when your done...wiggle your way back over here and see some better pictures of me. UGGGG!! I love that that picture is with Rebekah and Ty, but I sure looked awful!!! The GOOD news is, I'm planning a trip to go see Ty, Rebekah, and Ben in May. Details to follow!!!!!!!


cc said...

Great Interview. I enjoyed reading what You and Rebekah had to say.

YOU are still my hero!!

Love ya Girl!!

Jewls said...

I clicked over from open adoption bloggers. You're little blurb sounded so much like our son's birth mom that I did a double take and had to come see! I admire you so much, what a beautiful family you have!