Sunday, March 22, 2015


Rebekah posted this picture of Tyrus today. It literally stopped me in my tracks. Where did his baby chub unless go? You know that baby fat that kinda follows them into toddlerhood, until they eventually start growing up and start thinning out? He is way past that. The last time I held him he was still a little squshy and little and toddleish, but this picture clearly shows how big and grown up he is. When we talk on the phone he is so sweet. He talks very fast and I can tell he has so much to tell me but just can't say it fast enough. My heart longs to be with him, but I am so happy to see him doing so well. He sent me some pictures through the mail about a month ago. 
I cherish these pictures and will keep them forever. 

My cousin recently brought to my attention an article that was written way back after Tyrus was born. The writer of the article interviewed me and Tyrus's mom. I think they did a wonderful job of depicting my side of adoption and also Rebekah's side of adoption. Unfortunately,  they had to close the article down from any further comments because a war was started. It seems that some of the people that were commenting disagreed with my decision to give Tyrus up for adoption. Their view on my life was that I could have raised him, and I should not have given him up for adoption, and I hurt on my children by making the choice not to parent my sweet boy. And although I do respect everyone's opinion, and I do miss my son, things are how they are supposed to be. Tyrus belongs with Rebekah and Ben. Tyrus will always be the brother of my children. But if I didn't choose to give him up for adoption, Rebekah and Ben would not of had the pleasure of being his parents, and Tyrus's new brothers and sister would not have the best brother ever. To God be the glory. Things are how they should be. 

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Rebekah said...

God makes good in all things. Tyrus is delight in my life, but your sacrifice is never far from my mind. I wish we lived closer...