Friday, December 4, 2009

Im so excited....and I just cant hide it!!!

So many wonderful things have been going on in my life. God has blessed me immensely through a new job and many other things. Life is certainly busy lately with all of us adjusting to mom being at work more now. But, we are adjusting and it is working out perfectly. I'm still a little behind financially from not making much money at the maids job but within two to three weeks I will be out of my financial hole and be able to actually save some money. WHOOPPEEE!!!

I have every Friday off. Today I was looking forward to a nice leisurely day at home, filled with cleaning up the house and cooking meals to freeze for next week(thanks to you all from this post, for giving me some great ideas). Staying home was not meant to be. Matthew called and said he has an ear ache. Does anyone know if ear infections are contagious? Remember not long ago in this post(a few days to be exact) how Skyler was very sick and had an ear infection?

Its all good though. I want him to feel better so very soon I will be packing up me and Skyler and taking Matt to the doctor. Be assured that I will not be going to the urgent care with the NAZI nurse this morning.

I'm very very excited. As a child I had just a hand full of heroes. I was very strong in my relationship with the Lord and I attended a very large church which afforded many opportunities to meet my hero's. Let me introduce two of them to you. The first one is Dave Roever. I read his book over and over again and was even able to meet him in person. Click on his name to find out what an amazing man of God he is and how God used him in miraculous ways.

My second hero is Nicky Cruz. He has also been used of God in such extra ordinary ways. I also read his book "Run baby Run" many many times as a teen and young child. You can click on his name to learn more about him. The exciting part is he is coming HERE this weekend and I get to go see him. I saw one of his crusades when I was a small child and not old enough to know what is going you better believe I will be there with bells on this Sunday. I pray that my kids lives are enriched with this mans story the way mine has been.


H said...

Sounds awesome! I just prayed for you and your family this morning; I hope you and the kids really get a message from the Lord this weekend! Enjoy:)

the Spocks said...

Ear infections are not contaigous however the virus or cold that leads to the ear infection is contaigous.

mak'n Changes said...

I remember how much u liked them. How cool that u get to see niki!
My heart is singing just knowing how blesses and hooked up you have been. Jesus is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

My dr. told me I could just use the numbing drops in my childs ear and sometimes that is enough to get you through irritaions in the ears. If they don't respond...then have it checked.
They sell those numbing drops at Walmart too. :)