Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This is not working....!!!

I love my job...but it seriously takes every ounce of energy out of me. When I get home its all I can do to tidy up the house and tend to Skylers needs, but when dinner time hits I just cant do it.

I have decided that I need your help dear blog readers. I am in search of some recipes that freeze beautifully. I am going to start cooking things on the weekend to get us thought he week but they have to be low calorie and of course freeze beautifully. Anyone have any great recipes?


Mandy and Jack said...




Kind of easy but takes longer yet is delicious:

Brie said...

Hi Rebekah - I have found that freezing meals makes dinner throughout the week so much easier. I actually just spent the entire weekend cooking freezer meals. Some of my family's favorites include pulled pork, lasagna rolls, stuffed shells with spinach, broccoli cheese soup and chili. I also made a homemade tomato soup that was delicious. The recipe is actually from my sister-in-law's blog - www.hauteapplepie.wordpress.com. Those girls have some delicious recipes!

One thing that I have also done since I don't always want chili or pulled pork or soup, is to buy chicken thighs when they are on sale (99 cents/lb.). I freeze them in individual bags - usually 2 to a bag - then I can just pull that out and cook them up any way I want and eat it with a veggie. It tastes delicious, and is super easy.

I don't have links to these recipes, but would be happy to email them to you, just let me know!

Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Not only will this help you with meals...I think all your readers could benefit from recipes posted here.

I use recipezaar.com a lot. You can pull up once a month cooking or (oamc) recipes and they have some good easy ones.

Thanks for this post. I can't wait to collect some ideas from here.

Jen from MN

Camdon's Momma said...

I know I hit the same issue you do Rebekah. I work all day and by the time I get home and it is time for dinner I am exhausted beyond belief. During the colder months I like to use the crockpot a lot. I will put in whatever and have it cook all day so that when I get home not only is dinner ready....but the house usually smells SO GOOD! I found that Reynolds also makes plastic liners so you don't need to scrub the crockpot all the time....they are great and such time savers. I usually make a kielbasa dish in the crockpot and it is so yummy...serve it over rice, use as an appetizer or eat as is.
An idea for some things you can freeze:
Meat (turkey) balls, place them in a pan with some spaghetti sauce and while the sauce warms up they defrost or put them in soup frozen.
Homemade Mac-n-cheese (I have an easy recipe).
Any type of soup and make some grilled cheese's.
Lasagna or stuffed shells.
Shepards Pie (easy and cheap).
American Chop Suey (another easy and cheap meal).
I make pancakes a head of time and freeze them not only for a quick breakfast but sometimes we have them for dinner.
Any type of casseroles....I usually like the ones on the stove top box or the campbells soup cans.
I also love www.allrecipes.com they have such great ideas there and yummy too!
Good luck and keep us updated on what you make and what turns out to be a keeper. Make sure you have the kids help out too...make it a family event so it turns out quicker and they all learn how to cook.

Anonymous said...

another good blog for recipes for freezer meals is http://proverbswife.blogspot.com/search/label/Recipes

Deb said...

I did this when I was pregnant, and it was great the first month I had my baby. I have tons of recipes. Do you have a blog email that I can send you the recipes??

birthmothertalks said...

I nominated you for a reward. Check out my blog.

Rebekah said...

I do...its lovmykids333@yahoo.com Cant wait to try all these wonderful ideas. Thanks everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

Crock pot it girl!!! It really is the only way. Seriously. Unless you want to spend your saturday cooking...