Monday, January 18, 2010

Lots on my time to post.

Boy is crazy. I have so many thoughts on my mind but simply no time to post this morning. So....Ill post a picture of myelf and say hello to all my online friends out there. I got a new hair still not sure if I like it or not. Ill post something more interesting soon, as I have a lot on my heart.

I also wanted to point out that I had no idea that I had so many comments waiting to be moderated for the last post. Please take a look at all the wonderful things people said. Sorry it took so long to moderate my comments.


mak'n Changes said...

Your hair looks great! Your face looks thinner too, are u getting skinny miss thang? I know u are so busy but I'm looking forward to hearing all the thoughts swirling around in your head.
Love you.

Camdon's Momma said...

Love the haircut!!!!

Sissy said...

I like it! The curls are really nice!

Rebekah said...

Love the new do - very sassy! :)

Rachel said...

I love the new haircut! And I loved the post about "gift." But we brought home our little one last week and my commenting time on blogs is preciously little :)

Glad to know you're doing well!!

cc said...

You look GREAT, my friend! I love the "new do"..Love Ya, CeCe