Sunday, February 21, 2010

A fun giveaway!!

I have lots to say but am so tired. My fun life of sick kids and trying to make it to work and not get fired continues. So this will be short/sweet but exciting.

Rebekah (Ty's momma) is having her first giveaway!! Its a super cool picnic bag tote of you win...and if you dont win you could go on over to the maker of the bags site and buy one. Go check it out HERE. I cant wait to see who wins. I hope its me!!!


AnGèLe said...

Where can we find her blog?

AnGèLe said...

Wow! Disregard my last comment! The HERE button wasnt obvious enough for me apparently! Damn pregnancy brain! LOL

mak'n Changes said...

Just wanted you to know I stopped by and I love you woman! take care