Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Victorian Ball!

Things are much better around here. We got through the sicknesses. It seems that the kids are feeling much better. I still have to deal with the "I don't feel good" or "my legs hurt" or "my head hurts," kinda thing but other then that all is well. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Its so good to know I am not alone out there and not the only one who goes through these things.

The girls had a wonderful opportunity to attend a Victorian style dinner with dancing and the whole shebang. They rented period style dresses...had their hair done all fashioned like and off to the ball they went with my mom and her boyfriend. Here are some pictures of my sweet little (or not so little anymore)girls. They looked so precious.

Here pictured with the girls and Skyler is my mom. Thanks mom for showing the girls such a wonderful time.


Nati @ I will praise Him said...

Tell your girls (and your mom) they looked beautiful!

Amber, That's Me! said...

They look so beautiful! How fun!

Camdon's Momma said...

Oh my Rebekah the girls (and your mom) looked amazing. I am slightly jealous and wish I could have gone. I hope the 2 girls had a great time and will hold onto those memories forever.

mak'n Changes said...

Yes I agree with the others.....your girls are gorgeous! How cool to see your mom too, I miss her! Soon we will all be able to spend time together again. I look forward to it.
I sure love u cousin!

Rebekah said...

So cool, can't wait to hear how it went!

Vanessa said...

They look beautiful!!!