Thursday, June 10, 2010

My gift to Tyrus! Updated!

UPDATE! I have had a few people ask me ware I go the book for Ty. I wish there were an easier way to respond to people that comment on my blog. Anyway, I figured Id do a little update on it here. I got it through Hallmark. I was going to purchase it online or through eBay but I soon found out that going into a Hallmark to purchase one was about twenty dollars cheaper then purchasing it online. My only suggestion is to call around to see what the Hallmark store has in stock. These books go fast. You can go to and look at the different recordable books that they offer so that you know what you are looking for but like I said don't purchase it online because they are very expensive.

About a week and a half ago I sent Tyrus his birthday gift. I didn't know what to get this sweet boy. I wanted it to be unique and personable. I found these recordable story books and thought it would be the perfect gift. The thought of being able to read him a story from hundreds of miles away made my heart soar. I recorded this video just minutes after I recorded the book. Its not a great video. I look horrible and I am just full of emotion. I was crying happy tears. I miss him so. When I get emotional I play with my bottom lip which is what I did in the video. However; Tyrus has received the book now so I wanted to share with you this very special gift.

Other things on my mind:

Life has NOT been easy for me the past few years. Sometimes I sit and wonder if things will ever even out. My job continues to be difficult and I often wonder if I am cut out for it. Just when I think I am doing a good job, I am advised that my job is on the line again. Ive been on probation for seven months. I just cant figure it out. Is God shaping me or trying to show me areas that need improvement in my life through my job? Its most certainly not for lack of trying. I don't do things half heartedly. I take my job very seriously, but something is lacking. I continue to pray for God to show me my place in life. I long for something in my life to "stick" and just be steady, and I was hoping to make this job my home. Right now, its up in the air. What now God?

My favorite song lyrics:

Dear God,
"I want to thank you now for being patient with me. Oh its so hard to see, when my eyes are on me. I guess Ill have to trust and just believe what you say. Cause your coming again, coming to take me away!"

Keith Green


Natalie said...

Those books are SO neat--that is such a thoughtful and special gift that you got him. I'm sure he will treasure that when he is older!
About the last part of your post-my pastor always says 'Remember, your treasure is in heaven!' Hopefully that is something that can get you through when you're questioning what is going on with your job and life. Just keep working for the Lord because even if it's tough now, your real treasure is in Heaven!

~Katie said...

Oh My Goodness. I have tears. What a beautiful gift for a beautiful baby. Happy Birthday Ty!

Lisa! said...

Have your employers told you what the issue is? What you are doing wrong? What you can work on?

Amber, That's Me! said...

That is SUCH a beautiful and PERFECT gift! I'm sure all 3 of them will treasure it forever!

Just perfect....

Annjeri said...

Hey Sis. That was really cool. So sweet and I know that he loves it!

Laurie said...

oh how I wish I had one of those from each of my children's birthmothers! That is wonderful beyond words. :) Perfect for a 1st birthday present, no doubt.

Faith said...

What a beautiful and perfect gift! I am sure loves it!

I hope things settle for you soon, dear. I know that feeling of needing some stability!

Michelle said...

would you mind sharing the general idea of what the problem is at work, so that we might be able to offer suggestions? or is it something that it wouldn't help to ask for suggestions on?

in any case, your gift is PERFECT! i subscribe to your youtube so i saw the video as soon as you posted it. so precious! i'm sure Ty will treasure it. :-)

- michelle

Rebekah said...

YOU are such a treasure. Your gift to Ty couldn't be more special...and such perfect timing. Ty has really started to enjoy reading time and will sit quietly on our laps through a few reads. We've already read your sweet book a dozen times and each time Ty looks at me like, "Mommy, why is this book talking?" It's so cute :).

I know you know this, but Tyrus will never not know your heart. We are better because of your presence in our life. Thank you for being so thoughtful.

LL said...

What a beautiful and sweet gift! It makes me sad that even though we have an open relationship with our daughter's birthmom, she has never sent anything to Shelby, although she has always makes plans to. Ty will treasure this "treasure" for all times.

Prayers for your job and that things will settle down there.

Much love!

cc said...

What a Perfect gift for Ty. I am writing this thru tears. You are such a special person.

Love You,

J said...

Rebekah, you've done it to me again! You have such a beautiful heart and I have watched your video 3 times and my heart has so much love for you and Tyrus. What a beautiful book!

P.S. where did you get it? With my husband being in the Army, I would like for him to make a book like this, so we can have it for our little one incase G isn't home when the baby gets here.