Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The dark ages!

Are you all telling me that American Idol was on this week? Are you really saying that I didn't see one advertisement, read one ad about try outs, or see one preview of one of my favorite shows? SERIOUSLY!?!?!

What the heck is going on that I haven't watched TV in weeks and weeks? LOL It cracks me up. I seriously need to watch more TV. OK please tell me this was the first week and I haven't missed to much!!!!

Ive been working, spending time with my boys, and Zumba(ing) my way to skinny, and haven't stopped to sit down much less hear about AI.

Fill me in ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

tonight was the first night and its only the try outs.... you havent missed anything.

Anonymous said...

get your zumba booty on the video camera dance floor

jodilee0123 said...

I agree on the advertisements. . . I didn't know either--but my tv freak husband did. It was good. I really don't think the show is going to be hurting as much as I thought it would with Simon gone. It was the first night. . .I think. BUT it is on again tomorrow night. I can't believe there have been 10 seasons already. Crazy! I hope you have time to watch tomorrow!

ponderosa731 said...

You didn't miss much. Last night was it's first night. It is a very good thing that you have put the TV in it's place. We will be doing the same thing. Spending time with the kids is way more important.
I am learning that time is the most valuable thing next to unconditional love and the knowledge of a loving savior, that we can give our children.
The time invested in them will NEVER lose value.
You are doing the right thing, I am right there with ya lady.
Keep on pickin' at that guitar Matt and Sky and Zumba(ing) your way to a healthy, happy family.
Love ya woman!

Rebekah said...

Ha! I've been so buried in paper writing that I didn't know either! Guess we were both in the dark :)