Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was so excited for Tuesday, (yesterday) because American Adoptions was going to call me back after they had received my paperwork. I was very anxious to start getting profiles in the mail so I could start looking at them. The profiles online were just not doing anything for me so my worker said she could look up profiles on my specific wants. Well early that morning I got an email from a friend telling me to check out this one couples blog. I thought "well, its worth a try." Now remembering that I have been through many many profiles online and just never felt good about any of them. I clicked on the link and as soon as there blog came up I started jumping up and down....I KNEW it was them. I started reading and it only confirmed that it was them. Everything about them was perfect. Even though I had these peoples email, I didn't want to email them prematurely. I decided to call there agency and just get the scoop on them and see if they would be interested in me. The lady was so sweet, and seemed positive about the situation. I asked her to call them and ask them if they would mind me emailing them. She did and they said yes and then I got scared. LOL I thought "what if they don't pick me?" I was scared because what I have discovered is that finding people like this were rare. They were struggling to find a baby and I was struggling to find people like them. It was a very discouraging search.

So now, we have emailed just a few times and of course I love them even more. They dont live state wide but several states away so the distance kinda stinks but we will definitely deal with it and do our communication through the computer and phone. I cant wait to share this journey with them. I am so stinking excited and it really makes me feel better about being pregnant knowing that I am growing a baby for them. How cool is that?

Oh and American Adoptions never called at all yesterday. What does that mean? Weird hugh?

Thank you God!!!!!


Kriss said...
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Amber D. said...

Oh. My. here come the tears. I have been following BM Rebekah's blog for a very long time now and just found yours tonight. I am starting at the beginning to hear your side and story. This post has just given my goosebumps and tears! I can't wait to read the rest!

Amber D. said...

Oops, I mean AM Rebekah, not BM :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story. Do you guys have an open adoption? I don't see if you do.

The Single Hussy said...

Dear Rebekah ~ I just found your blog from Our Chosen Child, and I am sitting here crying and laughing as I read. To find the blog of a birth mother who made this incredible sacrifice and miracle for someone else is the most amazing thing. It never occurred to me that everything I feel as a waiting-to-be-adoptive mom (Will someone like me? Are they going to choose to have me raise their child?) are also shared by birth moms as they search for that family to click.

To think how this all works and falls into place, not just for you but for so many hundreds of other birth families and adoptive families... The universe is great and full of love and miracles we often have no idea are happening.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for blogging through your journey, for being the strong and loving and wonderful mother you are, for listening to your heart and spirit when life reaches in and gives you a nudge or sign. I wish you could know how profound an effect your story is having on me, and reminding me of hope and that there are strong mamas everywhere, and we will find our way to each other.