Sunday, March 7, 2010

This morning!

This morning I woke up to the sweet sound of silence. Its my favorite time of the day because its just me. I make my coffee and sit in front of the computer and catch up on my favorite blogs and visit facebook. Skyler wakes up shortly after I do. Much due to the fact that his bladder is talking to him. I'm so thankful he wakes up and goes to the bathroom now. I am forever thankful to finally be done with diapers.

Walking through my appartment today shows me how much I have to do. Here is what I noticed as I looked around...

Skyler eating his strawberry breakfast bars. This is a new thing by the way. Please take note of his painted fingernails AGAIN. I really wish Chelsea would stop doing this.

Maggie sleeping in her bed.

The girls sleeping peacefully in their bed. Notice that Chelsea chose her brothers spider man sheets and the fact that NONE of our bedding matches. We dont care, it keeps us warm and it is quite colorful. LOL

I turn around and here is the girls wonderful packing and stacking job. This is their closet. Nice hugh? I didn't help them a bit...they did this all by themselves.

The boys room and Matthew's attempt at packing...

Dirty dishes in the sink. Can you see my painted counter tops?

Ty's sweet handprints on my cork board. Hand prints that represent the REAL thing coming to visit me in about four weeks. I cant wait.

Matthew sleeping peacefully on the couch.

And boxes....



So if we are lucky (which I don't believe in luck), we will make it to church this morning and try and clean up this mess.

Just making it real!!

And for your viewing pleasure. Check out Chelsea's new mouth piece. It is our first attempt at correcting her complete cross bite. We click it every night and it spreads her pallet.


AnGèLe said...

My 8 year old daughter had a really bad crossbite..She has had her retainer in for the last year.. We go to the orthodontist once a month to get hers re adjusted! It has worked miracles in this short time period! Good luck! :)

mak'n Changes said...

Love all that REAL that you are keeping. *wink* I was just reading Rebekahs blog and I am shocked at some of the hurtful questions she gets asked about Ty. I do however admire her grace in answering those questions. Your story is so beautiful!

Rebekah said...

The next few weeks are going to fly by for much to do! We can't wait to come see your new digs! :)

All My Monkeys said...

Matching bedding? I didn't know they had that. Wow. What have I been missing? LOL