Monday, October 25, 2010

Erupting laughter!

I was so excited to go. It was my first parenting class ever which is kind of ironic since Ive been a mom now for fourteen and a half years. A little to late? I sure hope not. erupting

Me and six of my girlfriends from work all piled into our vehicles and arrived at a college campus where the conference was being held. The first speaker was a lady. If anyone watches CSI, there is a new episode called "Hoarders" and she is the lady who plays the hoarder in the episode. She was very inspirational.

The second speaker spoke on "Love and Logic." By the second hour of his speech I was sold. I just knew that this was how I wanted to start teaching my kids and I listened with my ears WIDE open. Of course two hours is not enough time to soak everything Love and Logic is about so I purposed in my heart to get the book. It was not good news when I found out the book was thirty dollars. Luckily my friend had a copy and let me borrow it that night. I'm on chapter two and still really love it. Its not the kind of thing you can step into easily. Its very intricate and a bit complicated and it has to be a very thoughtful process.

I wanted to share with you my very first attempt at trying this Love and Logic out on my two middle ones who like to fight and bicker. Keep in mind that the kids knew I went to a parenting class and that I brought home a book but I was careful not to share any of my new parenting tricks with them or talk about it in front of them.

Setting the scene:

Victoria and Matt are fighting over God knows what. I'm trying to keep my cool but its really getting on my nerves. Determined to try this new process I think very calmly about my words, take a deep breath, put on my most "tired and exhausted" face...and say....

"All this bickering and fighting is rreeeaaalllyy zapping my energy. Sigh!! (taking a deep breath as if really tuckered out). I'm going to need you both to refill my energy. Please start thinking of things you can do for me to put my energy back."

They both stop their fighting, and just stare at me as I'm still acting reeaally worn out. LOL

I started to walk away when I heard Victoria start giggling. I turned around to see what she was giggling about and she said to me "mom, did you get that out of your new parenting book?"

I immediately felt laughter welling inside me. I said nothing to her, turned around and ran up the stairs as quickly as I could before I exploded in laughter.

It didn't work out the way I had planned. I guess I have to get a little smarter next time. LOL


Christine said...

That is probably one of the funniest kid stories I've read!!! Smart kid, and it sounds like the distraction got them away from fighting, maybe for a minute? lol

webkinzfan said...

Great story!!! I love "Love and Logic" books! Glad you can take the class! Hugs from Tracy in Iowa

Rebekah said...

Hilarious! You'll have to pass on the helpful nuggets you find in upcoming chapters. It's always good to get fresh perspective on parenting!

Faith said...

LOL, love it! Love and Logic is great...hope you and the kids find your way with this new technique:).

Stacie said...

I don't know about everywhere, but our school system offers the complete Love & Logic training free to parents. I think it takes 1evening a week for about 4 weeks and it is so worth it. I don't yet have children, but I took the training since I work in education and some of the stuff that you learn, you can even use on adults. Totally worth it!

Jamie said...

Our school district offers it as well. The teachers have taken classes as well and this is how we are taught to handle conflict in the classroom.