Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So amazing!!

You all are so amazing. I loved doing that poll. I loved all your comments, and even the negative ones really sparked some emotion in me. I have to give GibsonTwins a little credit...she said something that I absolutely agree with. She said "You're supposed to guide children positively by praising their accomplishments 10x more than you criticize their misgivings." She is absolutely right, and I will be putting that into practice as much as I possibly can. I know that most of GibsonTwins comments to me really upset everyone, but look at the bright side....for some reason she has picked me to pick on. LOL I must be pretty special. (grin)

I have so many things to say but I have to be honest, I am going through some very tough things with one of my kids. I never thought that I would be going through this with any of my kids but I am.

I will not go into much detail but I do want to ask one question and in turn hopefully make a point. It has to do with mental health. I am so confused about the whole ADHD and depression treatments that they use. They say that these two diagnoses are treatable with a different assortment of medications and they say the medications are used to correct a chemical imbalance in our brains. My question is, why in the heck do they medicate our children (and some adults) with these medications without actually testing to see if there is ACTUALLY a chemical imbalance? How can a doctor really diagnose a person (child or adult) without some actual proof of an imbalance?

Can someone explain this to me?

I am truly truly exhausted but I had to come and spend a few minutes with you wonderful people. Most days I am very weary emotionally, but then Ill get a text on my phone at work that another person has commented on my blog and I get so excited and uplifted by your words. I read your comments all day long even while at work. I sure love all of you!!!!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!


Casey-Lianne said...


What I can tell you from personal experience as a teen and younger adult with depression is that the chemical balance isn't always something that can be tested. It is a mis-communication between different parts of the brain. For some kids, teens and adults just counseling will work. I had to, at times, go through just counseling, just medication, and a combination of medication and frequent (weekly to twice weekly) counseling). It changes for every person and depression should never be seen as a sin or sign of weakness (not saying that you see it that way, I just have to put that out there as others judged me that way when I was going through it). It is something that doesn't just disappear one day and honestly I find myself fighting some days more so than others even now although I no longer am on medication or going to counseling. Good luck with you and your kids. I know that my mother was the biggest blessing to me when I was fighting my battle. :)

All My Monkeys said...

I don't know of any physical test for depression, but I remember watching a DrPhil show several yrs ago and they looked at maybe 4 diff kids with poss adhd, and took diff aproaches with each. I found this VERY educational. One thing they said was that there is some test that can be done for ADD/ADHD (an EEG or spectrogram?). There's also a book that was recommended. (The show was neither for nor against meds, just stating that "we" have had history of overmedicating, and to look at a variety of influencing factors and treatments. Here's the links.

THE CHETNEY 4 said...

Rebekah, so sorry that you are going through all that. It must be extremely tough. Even though it very likely doesn't feel like it at times, know that your Father is holding you all in His hand, and walking with you every step.

I struggled with depression in my teenage years, and into my early 20s. Like someone else mentioned above, I think counseling (either prior to, or paired with medication) is really important. Sometimes there can be underlying things that we don't even know are there that can contribute.

Blessings to you all!

Ron and Jessica said...

This may be helpful to you as well:
Best wishes

Annjeri said...

Hey sis. I know what you mean and understand completely the frustration of being told "I have ADHD because......". I think that the world tends to lean more towards medications v.s treating the root issues on things. I am a firm believer of testing out other possibilities (Like counceling, figuring out what is the best environement for learning, what are the triggers that cause some of the symptoms). If non of the "non-medicating" techniques work, then "maybe" medication will help. But, that is my two cents. I am glad you are thinking this through. Love you bunches.

Anonymous said...

Depression is AWFUL! I had severe post partum and still deal with the imbalance after 9+ years. Being there for that child is MOST IMPORTANT. Some days just having my mom there to say "It's going to be okay" was the only medicine that helped. Praying for you and your babies :)

Mama2aMiracle said...

Ohh the lovely GibsonTwins troll..I've heard a lot about her in the blog world..thank goodness my blog is boring and just full of pictures..LOL..otherwise she'd be trolling my page too I'm sure..I say delete and block her..She attacks lots of ppl..I think shes just bored and lonely personally...

Kel said...

I think that the way they look for the imbalance is through behaviors that are displayed and through asking specific questions, at least for depression, but I'm pretty sure they can "SEE" add/hd on the eeg thing. My brother had one with me as a control, and they were vastly different. Pretty interesting. There were waves that showed different activities, and where mine were regular and predictable his were totally crazy.

webkinzfan said...

Hey Rebekah-
I'm sorry you are going through a rough time. I have seen over and over with numerous frineds and aquantiences how parents are affected when a child is stuggling. I understand that it is not easy. I have studied both depression and ADHD- I know people with both disorders. As far as I can tell they are both diagnosed based on the the symptoms. I don't think you can get a blood test or CAT scan that will conclusivly confirm the diagnosis.
Treatiung these disorders is an "Art not a science." If one combo of meds dosen't work the doctors try another one!
HUGS for you, Rebekah! I'm praying for you and hte kids!