Thursday, February 12, 2009

ITS A.........


That's right. I was secretly hoping for a boy so this just so wonderful. So here is how my day went.

My sister came over around 2:30 to babysit for me. I showed her a few things and then left a little early because I was hungry and wanted to get a sandwich. I headed towards Schlotzsky's (my favorite sandwich shop) and on the way there say an African American women standing there with a sign that said simply "HOMELESS HUNGRY." I can never pass these people up. I thought that if I was going to get myself a sandwich then I would get her one to. I never give them money, but I will buy them some warm food. So a warm chicken sandwich sounded wonderful so I picked up two. I drive back over to the lady who is still standing there and said to her as I am rolling down my window "I bought you a warm sandwich." She just looked at me and said "Thanks but no." I was taken back. I said to her "Its warm and I have not touched it and your sign says you are hungry." She again looked at me and said "No." I asked her if she was serious and she said yes, so I had no choice but to drive off. I am still shocked by it. Did she really just want money? So, off I went to the appointment. But can I say......SO WEIRD!!!!!!

So I get to the doctor and after about fifteen minutes in the waiting room they put me in the ultrasound room. She would not let me video or take pictures of the screen but I did manage to beg her for lots of pictures and ended up with nine pictures. How wonderful is that. I wont post them all here but that's a lot. Here are a few before I wrap up the rest of this.
You can see that in this picture the placenta is right above baby's face. It is positioned at the top left of my uterus. That's a great spot for it to have grown.

Well this picture will go down in history because it shows its little boy parts. How cute is that. You can see the two leg bones between the arrow.
This is his feet. He has his legs crossed at the knee so what you are seeing is the bottom of one foot and the side of another. AhHHHH, baby feet, so sweet.

This is just a better profile picture. Oh, a couple things I forgot to tell Rebekah and B are that the brain looked so good, no cleft pallet but the baby was breach. LOL Now wouldn't that just be something? I do NOT want a c-section. I have never had one and they scare me to death. The good news is that its early enough on that baby has enough time to turn. Turn baby Turn.

I have more pictures and more to say but I am soooo tired. Ill post more fun stuff with pictures tomorrow.


LL said...

He is absolutely beautiful!

About the negative comments, I am so sorry that you are getting them, but you are right not to take it personally. This is an issue that THAT person is dealing with, her own feelings.

I also meant to comment on one of your other posts...about how in your state the bdad can't sign papers until after birth too. It is the same situation with us. It does add some added stress, but it will all work out...we just have to continue to have faith.

You are in my prayers.

mak'n Changes said...

Oh yay!!!!! a little boy!!!! Becky you are amazing! You are doing such a great thing! Im so proud of you! I know I say it all the time,, but its just the truth!