Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are you kidding me?

You gotta love Craigslist. The last two jobs I have worked were found on Craigslist. The only thing is you have to be careful. I would say that about sixty percent of the job postings are just scams so its important to really look for the signs. Here are a few of the job postings that I took an interest in...

Looking for Egg Donors
-Unfortunately I did not qualify for this one because to donate eggs you must have a two year college degree. LOL Go figure!

Ice cream Bike Riders
-I'm still considering this one. All the ice cream I could eat, and it wont matter because I'm riding my bike around town. GO ME!!!!!

Security Officers Wanted-P/T to F/T
-Can I carry a gun? BONUS! My favorite movie was always Die Hard. I could be living the dream!

Weed puller
-Ummmm, after much thought I decided I was WAY over qualified for this job!

Experienced Pet Sitters - Vet Office Experience Required
-Seriously? You need experience to babysit a DOG? Sheesh! I figure all you need is a yard and a pooper scooper.

-Ummmmm! NO! There are no words!

Professional Tattoo Artist in demand Now!
-Do you think they require experience? LOL After all, I have a tattoo. Would that qualify as "experience?"

Teenager Chores $8.00 hour
-Now I know I would be good at this! I do my teenagers chores all the time!

zombie movie casting in Colorado springs
-A little makeup, and I would fit right in!

Are you kidding me?

No seriously though, today I do have a job interview for a position as a Director at a daycare. That would be SOOO perfect. To be honest I just am not up to actually doing the babysitting, but to be the financial director would be SO COOL! If you pray, pray for me today!!


Rebekah said...

This made me smile! Praying God's best over you, today!!!

LL said...

Praying! May God open doors for you that you may walk through with your head held high! Best wishes R!

Annjeri said...

LOL! WOW sis, you could become the Jack, I mean Jill of all trades. Too funny! I am so glad that you have an interview today. That job sounds promising. You go girl.

mak'n Changes said...

I love your spirit!

Debbie B said...

Praying for you!
I have been hunting for jobs on craigs list too. Found one that is for a new reality show on adoption.

But like you said, I've found more fraudulent ads then good ones recently.

The Lynd Family said...

Prayers en route - good luck! :D

Mountain Girl said...

Hi Rebekah, I hope this job works out for you! I had an interview today and one last week......no offers yet. I laughed at the other ads - maybe I am missing my "ministry!"

Tina said...

You really made me laugh...

Good luck on the job and I am saying a little prayer for you..