Saturday, July 3, 2010

Provisions and thoughts on blog ad's

Yesterday I was very honored to meet one of my blog buddies. She contacted me and we both set up a time to meet and have some good conversation.

Please meet my new friend JC.

And her adorable twelve year old twins Samantha and Bret. The third child is mine. He quickly befriended Bret...and swiftly stole his googly eye hat.

Bret didn't mind budding up to a four year old. In fact, he seemed to quite enjoy him.

Two pees in a pod? I think so!

JC and her kids drove an hour and twenty minutes just to see us. They even bought Skyler a coloring kit to keep him busy so we could visit and blessed us with lunch and a Walmart gift card for some groceries. I am blessed beyond measure to have them as my friends. I am astounded by Gods provision. It was a wonderful day! I only wish they lived closer.

In our conversation that day we got to talking about blog ads. I have a couple blogger friends that have recently put them on their blogs but I didn't think anything of it. I have tried making money online through different areas like secret shoppers and other things but they never paid off. I figured that blog ads were just the same kind of thing and wouldn't bring any income in. What are your thoughts on this? Do you have blog ads and do they bring in any money for you?

Honestly, I never minded if one of the blogs I read had ads on it. If you find a way to make money why not take it. It doesn't hurt me, I don't click on the ads...nor do I really pay that much attention to them. LOL With that said, how in the heck do people make money off them?


Nati @ I will praise Him said...

I don't care about ads either. If I enjoyed the blogs before ads, I'll still do so after they got ads on their blogs. And really, if they have enough traffic, why not?

Maybe you should really give it a try?

Glad you had a great time with your new friend!

Anna said...

Glad you have been blessed with some great new friends! Life is so much fuller with friends! As for the ads, I say go for it! It is worth a try and couldn't hurt. If they don't bring in much that is fine you aren't losing out since you aren't currently making anything off of ads, but if they do bring in some cash then you'll be able to have a little extra money! And every little bit adds up! As a stay at home mama, I wish my blog had enough traffic to even consider ads but alas I'm lucky if I get a comment. LOL. ;) I say go for it!

Christa said...

I tried Infolinks once. I had to get $50 in revenue before they would let me withdraw the money. After about two or three months I was halfway there when they suddenly deleted my account with no warning. I definitely would not recommend them!

mak'n Changes said...

becky that is so awesome that you got to meet a blog friend! She is amazing for bringing you grocery money too! What a fun day!


Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great day.

I am a stay at home and am always looking for ways to save/earn money.

I used to think that using coupons was a hassel. Now when I got to the store and I save 75% on my grocery bill...I get excited. I look at it that it is my job to learn how to save money for our family. A great site I use is hip2save. She does all the work so all I have to do is make my list and grap my coupons. Yes, it takes time but what job is easy.

The next thing I do for fun is swagbucks. I use swagbucks as my christmas savings plan or whatever you want to use it for. You get swagbucks for doing simple searches on the web. I toss is a few surveys here and there but that is it. I started in Jan. and have 100.00 in amazon gift cards so far. You can get other cards as well. Here is the link for swagbucks if you want to take a look.

I just try to piece things together and it is amazing how every little bit helps.
Good luck.

Annjeri said...

Those pictures are too precious! Skyler is hilarious with the googly eyed hat. LOL!

Maru said...

Well, I've had Google AdSense for 2 months and have made $2.19 so far. I'll get my first check when I reach $10. Yay. :o|

I don't mind ads and I don't click on them either, but I'll click on yours if you click on mine. Hahaha. Why not? We can help each other out! :oP

Rebekah said...

To make big money you have to have fancy ads like BlogHer. Problem is, they aren't taking any new clients. I tried several months ago and they never responded to my inquiries.

The 'Ssippi Scoop said...

I have BlogHer on my blog and you have to get $25 worth of visits or clicks or however it works. I put my ads on in January and this is July and I still haven't made it to the twenty five bucks yet, so no money for me yet. I did install a thingy on my blog to see how many clicks a day I was getting and I get like 100 visits per day and even that in 7 months has not earned me any money. So, while I do think it's a good idea for some extra money, in my experience you must have to have like 1000's of visitors a day to make any money. Let us know how it turns out!

Rebekah said...

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