Monday, August 30, 2010


are the days when she was a curly haired half pint.

Now her hair is purposely straightened, her makeup strategically placed, and her clothes carefully selected. Instead of playing with her barbies and baby dolls, now she focuses on her friends and her amazing gift of photography.

Many times I will hear her learning a new song on her piano or chatting with an old friend on her phone. She was the first grandchild born to both sides of our family. The day she was born she made me a mother and her daddy a father.

She is not boring, never dull, always engaged, very smart, and extremely beautiful.

Today was a special day for my first born. Her passage into her teen years was paved today when she........

got her braces on!

I think she is more adorable than ever!


Stephanie said...

Kids-one day they're tiny the next it seems they're growing up too fast. Your daughter is beautiful!! Hugs

Anonymous said...

hey rebekah cameron got hers on a few weeks ago too!! yesterday she got her expander on tell your daughter she looks beautiful as always!!!!

Annjeri said...

What a beautiful neice I have. Gorgeous! ;-)

Rebekah said...

She's a hot tamale for sure!!