Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weird random thoughts...

Why is it that I can do so well in my new job, that requires so much data entry...and do so poorly in the Orthodontics job that also required so much data entry (which is apparently why they fired me...due to my accuracy). My only explanation is that I was not at the job God wanted me to be at. I am very content right now.

After much research, could it be that gay people truly are gay? Is it possible that something genetically is wrong or different? That would explain some things, but still not make it right for me, but explainable. The word "Hermaphrodite" has been brought up many times in my discussions with friends lately. This would fall into the same sort of category as ADHD or ADD. For a long time I thought it was just a behavioral problem...but again, after much research, are there truly some lines crossed in children and adults heads that make them ADHD or ADD. I know I bring up these subjects a lot but they hit very close to home for me and I'm trying not to be close minded.

These subjects are defiantly up for discussion for me, NOT argument, but discussion.


Deanna said...

A hermaphrodite is one that has genitalia of both male and female, are they not? I don't think that has anything to do with sexual orientation, unless I am wrong about the word.

As far as ADD and ADHD, I think there truly are such things, but they are overdiagnosed and often it's just misbehavior. I also think they may one day find a link between all the hormones and chemials we're exposed to, including in medications, and the rise of all these conditions.

mak'n Changes said...

I think there are various types of reasons for homosexuality.... I think some are born this way, some are violated by an adult and because of their trauma, choose this lifestyle, Now days because homosexuality is so "promoted and accepted" on television, movies etc. I think people see this and think its ok so they experiment with same sex relationships.....
Whatever the reason for who they are, I know some FANTASTIC people who are homosexual and honestly sometimes I think they are better people than me because they know what its like to be scrutinized and so they choose to be better people for it....
Its interesting how sin has caused so many different faults in each one of us,,, starting with me!
God help us all.

Sandy said...

I don't know anything about the subject of homosexuality. I do know of two people who I believe have homosexual tendencies, but do not act on them. Instead, they pray for diligence to lead the life God intended for them. Both are single, and not looking for a mate.

But in regards to ADD and ADHD, I think that it all comes down to brain chemistry. There's four basic brain chemicals, and we're all dominant in one (which makes up the majority of our personality). If we're deficient, it can lead to certian behavioral patterns and learning issues. My oldest son was a "trouble case" and I got him on high quality fish oil (most of these kids don't get enough of the RIGHT kind of fat) and some GABA powder (the same thing I'm deficient in causing anxiety), and he's totally able to function and learn just like any other kid in his class- WITHOUT pharmeceutial drugs that have potentially harmful side effects, and a large hit on our wallet. Just my 2 cents.

Beth said...

I know I've mentioned this in a comment before, but I personally believe that MOST homosexuals do not choose to be so. (Why would they choose to go through so much injustice if they didn't have to?) There have been scientific studies comparing brains of heterosexuals and homosexuals... although I can't give you any specific references off the top of my head and I am not confident in my own memory to recite the ones I remember for you... maybe do some more research? (If I go back and find them when I get some more free time, I'll be glad to send them to you if you'd like.)

And I do think that it's now a big fad to be bisexual. It's "cool" to kids, but they'll grow out of it, because that's not who they really are.

ADD and ADHD are, I agree, overly diagnosed. There are a lot of factors that go into it though. What I want scientists to figure out is Autism. Why is it becoming so incredibly common? What's causing it? How can it be prevented? (I don't think Autism is something wrong with a child, but I believe that life is harder for them... sometimes I want so badly to make life easier for my brother who has Asperger's.)

Sorry for overloading you! haha.

Rebecca said...

I personally do not believe that people born gay. I believe that life circumstances may cause people to lean towards this lifestyle, and I believe our culture has convinced people that it is "genetic," not a choice.

As you continue your research, I would suggest that you check out the resources of Living Hope Ministries . They are a Christian ministry, and they deal with the issue of homosexuality both Biblically and compassionately. People come from all around the country to receive counseling from them to help break free from a homosexual lifestyle. They also have many online resources and are also available for you to contact with any questions you may have.

Hope this helps. I admire you for not just "giving in" to the pressure that our society places on parents now to "accept" that their child is "gay." I admire you for doing your research and really seeking to understand what is TRUE.

Rebecca said...

For some reason the link did not show up in the last post: https://livehope.org/

Corinne said...

Life circumstances would cause people to lean towards a life of discrimination, of being outcast, of not being able to marry or have children?? That is never going to be a good choice!

I have gay friends who have been to hell and back throughout their life, being pressured to "break-free" by others who were ignorant and had no understanding of the way they felt. Luckily, they now are happily engaged and waiting for politicians to grow some balls and legalise gay marriage with their 2 year old son and another on the way.

I am not gay, but I truly believe it is something that is NOT a choice but just the way some people were created. By God, no??

Rebekah, it's really good that you are open minded and willing to listen to other people's opinions, again, hope I haven't offended you!

P.S. Loved your dancing video by the way!

Ruby said...

I've been reading for a, "stalking" I suppose.
I've a son with multiple "invisible" disabilities. ADHD being one of them. He was diagnosed in Kindergarten. I did NOT want to put him on meds, fought it for a long time in fact. We tried elimination diets (to see if there was a food intolerance or allergy causing the behavior/attention issues) We tried many different homeopathic supplements. We tried behavior modification, which helped some. But once the decision was made to put D on medication, and we found one that his body could metabolize properly with minimal side effects D's grades went from all F's to mostly B's and some A's. We put him on meds in 1st Grade. He's in 9th grade now. There have been some rough patches, when his other issues became apparent; Bi-Polar Disorder & Sensory Processing Disorder. There were times when D would resist taking his meds, hide them, fake taking them, anything to avoid swallowing those pills. It took a while, and he spent his entire 8th Grade year suspended/expelled and finally ended up in an alternative school for the remainder of the year. He came to me one morning towards the end of the school year and asked for his meds. I about fell on the floor. He realized that he needed them. Functions & learns better with them. Gets in fewer fights when medicated. He made it through his 9th grade year with no suspensions/expulsions, with A's & B's. He finally accepted his diagnoses. He finally believes that although he has ADHD he is not his diagnoses. He is D. He is not the labels that have been applied to him over the years. There is scientific proof that the brains of children with ADHD are actually smaller and develop physically about two years slower than the average child; I've seen the brain scans myself.

I'm not arguing with you, debating with you...just offering the perspective of a mother who has been "in the trenches" for 15 years now (oops, 16, he just had a birthday!)

I've also seen studies about the physical differences in the brains of individuals with different "sexual orientation". The part of the brain that controls, arousal, I think, is shaped differently. This one I don't know much about, I watched a documentary on The Learning Channel or Discovery. You can probably find something on their website. By the time my daughter was showing bi-sexual tendencies, I'd learned to simply accept my children for who/what they are. (no, I'm not suggesting that you aren't doing the same) As long as they aren't having sex at a young age, I'm fine with their relation ship choices. It's their lives, they live them. Not me. Your daughter may not be able to help the way she feels. She may simply be "wired" that way. Just love her. In the end, as long as we love our children and do the best we can to provide for them, we're doing what matters. You've got a lot on your hands. And you're doing a great job. Isn't that what really matters?

Hope said...

I am 29 years old and I have ADD and I am OCD. those two things make my life complete hell. I don't take meds for them because I just accept thats who I am.

PHOENIX said...

Sexual orientation is not determined by just one factor. It is not as black and white as most people would like to think it is. There can be several biological,psychological, or sociological reasons for a persons sexual preferance and/or desires. Using the bible as a basis for one's reasoning to say that one doesn't agree with anything except a heterosexual lifestyle is naive. We don't live in bible times and the bible doesn't include a lot of issues that we deal with today. The human body has evolved and genetically we are not as we were in "the beginning".

What would one say to the hermaphrodite about their sexual preferance. Is a person born with both a penis and a set of ovaries gay if they prefer men? We see a male on the outside...and unless a medical problem arises one may never know that "he" was different on the inside. Sexuality is not just about what we can see physically...it is more than that.

When I read most of the remarks from many of your readers I am saddened. How many of them have really researched the subjects they so freely voice their opinions about? I mean more research than just surfing the web or googling it. How many college classes have they taken on the subject of sexuality or genetics? How much of what they are saying is simply what they have been taught in church or by their parents? Getting TRULY educated before one forms an opinion is much wiser and prevents the taste of toe jam in ones mouth.

Thank you for making the effort to question what you believe Rebekah.

...always your friend.

Mai said...

I think societal pressures have eased in the last several decades (not enough in my opinion) with regards to the idea of homosexuality and such.

Some people seem to regard this as such a fad, but people have been gay/bisexual/etc for eons and eons, they just kept quiet about it due to it not being accepted by society. To an extent we've progressed to a point where it's okay to be gay.

As it is, I'm appalled at the idea that you can "cure" being gay. Being gay isn't a disease, or a condition that needs to be fixed. It obviously doesn't work and is just an attempt by others to suppress feelings and desires that others feel are undesirable.

hermaphrodite is not the same as being gay, it's when a person has male and female genitalia so it does not fall into the same category as ADHD or ADD.