Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Rebekah!

This is the first thing I saw when I clicked on her profile. I was not looking for a friend...I was not looking for a blog buddy...but what I was looking for I this ONE picture. Her name was Rebekah, his name was Ben. The smile on their faces spoke to me like a loud speaker at a concert. Pictures don't talk but surprisingly this one spoke to me. I learned a lot about them in the next few months. Mostly I talked to Rebekah because....well, you know....we're girls, and we talk a lot. (isn't she beautiful?)Like I said, I learned a lot about her over the next few months. We talked a lot, mostly over email. Here is one of Rebekah's very early emails to me. It was a time of getting to know each other and discovering how much we had in common, including our name which was spelled exactly the same (a very rare spelling):

"Okay, I just read your blog and LOVE your new picture. The ultrasound picture made me cry.... and I LOVE to quilt. Did you know that I made the quilt in the baby's room? (and the curtains) I never even crossed my mind to sell squares on eBay! Last year I bought one of those nice cutting tables with a pad, which makes it really easy to get straight cuts! I love the cutting process to, there's something about it that is so entirely relaxing.I'm glad we can share this love too.....:) Rebekah"
A few of the things I love about Rebekah are:
She is TONS of fun!
She looks good in LITERALLY really....take a look at these....

She has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Her love pours out to people she doesn't even know.

There are many many things I love about Rebekah but I think that the next few things are my favorite.
She loves her Ben with all her heart. (LOVE IT)
She is the one I chose to be the mother of my little boy!
Ive never regretted it for one day.
His smile tells me how much he loves her!
I found more that day when I saw her picture. I was looking for a father for my son and a mother to love him to pieces. I found that and more. She is my babies momma, my friend, my confidant. She understands me, and I love her.
Please take the time to celebrate her with me. Its her birthday. Click here to wish her a happy birthday!
Love you Rebekah!!


Meg and Ken said...

Made me cry! I am very close to our son's birthmom and I love her and our relationship so much. It's just the best isn't it? btw You're awesome!!!

Annjeri said...

Oh my gosh. This brought tears to my eyes. Lovely!!!

Rebekah said...

Oh, my goodness!!! I'm sitting here at work eating a pulled pork sandwich with tears running down my face! Thank you for such a special tribute. I love you to pieces and am overlooking the fact that you posted those CRAZY spirit week pictures of me!! :)

Thank you for making my day!

webkinzfan said...

Great post, Rebekah! I've been reading Rebekah's blog since before you knew her. I cried and empathized with her longing for a baby and I prayed my heart out that God would allow heer and Ben to become parents! You (and God) answered those prayers and I'm so thankful. I really with I could know either or both of you- that we could be church frinds. Yes, I know that I could only go to church with onw of you since you and she live so far apart, but I couldn't choose on of you over the other!! I always thought RP would be a fun friend. I'm glad that at least I get to be bloggy friends with you two and since we're sister's in Christ we'll meet in heaven some day, but I think it would be really sweet if we could meet all three of us here on earth!
This is a sweet tribute to an outstanding woman! Thank you for writing it. Love, Tracy {HUGS}

Lauren said...

This is just beautiful. completely amazing. I have started reading both of your blogs in the past 3 or four months. I am just amazed at both of you! What incredible women! And you guys are the very definition of God's love. Every time I need to be reminded of the wonderful spirits in this life I click on one of your blogs and I'm always rewarded and put back into the right mindset! Your stories are touching so many people. It's just amazing! And man she is just so beautiful!

Laurie said...

I too read Rebekah's blog before you two met and was so excited to see that she would finally be a mother! My 32nd birthday was yesterday! Great job making her feel special!!!

Renea Flaishans said...

What a beautiful post!! It amazes me how both of you guys got something so special from Tyrus! It is like all of you guys complete each other.


Wendy said...

What a great post about Rebekah! Happy Birthday to her :)