Monday, August 9, 2010


I have so much I want to blog about but I just got some big news from Rebekah and I just couldn't pass up announcing it. I'm so so very proud to announce that Tyrus is WALKING!!

His momma just told me today. Her exact words were this "He puts his little arm in the air every time he takes a step - as if to say - "Look at me mom, I'm such a big boy!!" I couldn't be a prouder birth mommy...LOL. I don't get to see these things happen so I rely on all the fun pictures and videos that Rebekah sends me. These things make me very giddy. The other day she sent me another special package. Here is what the note inside said.
Here is what was inside along with two Cd's full of videos from the past year.
She is always doing stuff like that for me. She always includes me, remembers me, shows me she loves me.
Remember my bulletin board? I got to add Ty's 12 month hand prints to it. Look how much he has grown. The bottom is four months, the middle is six months and the top is twelve months. What a big boy!!! (I think I'm due for a new bulletin board. One of the kids scratched some of it off)
Speaking of the kids....they are home. Its always bitter sweet. Sweet because I missed them so much and they missed me. Bitter because they love their dad and step-mom very much and they are sad to leave them. I'm so thankful for the kids dad and stop-mom (she is now officially a member of the family since they got married. We love you D.) We have been through a lot and had our ups and downs (we still have hard times) but we are family.
So as I said...the kids are home. Believe it or not this was the big kids in 2001. Arnt they sweet!?!?!
Now, they have blue and purple and blond hair (is this really the style now?)

Wrestle like there is no tomorrow (this was just yesterday).

Pose for the camera every time they can all while talking on the phone or riding in the car, it doesn't matter (teenagers...sigh). I have to admit...she is beautiful...she must get her looks from me. LOL (yeah right)
And play outside incisively.

So what does that mean for me? Well for means that since the kids came home and my mom so graciously gave us this wonderful drum set...I get to listen to the beginnings of a very popular band of which is yet unnamed. We will have Chelsea on the piano, Victoria on the flute, Matthew on the guitar and Skyler on the drums. will be wonderful!And secondly....laundry laundry laundry.Did I say laundry? (sigh) So the year begins.


the Spocks said...

Congrats!! Cute bulletin board!


mak'n Changes said...

I love u
I love your pictures
I love your personality
I love your heart....
You are a beautiful soul!
Did the kids notice your weight loss?

Rebekah said...

I'm glad the kids are home and had a good time. Back to high gear, huh?

I'll send you some video of Ty walking - it's so sweet!!

jodilee0123 said...

I simply LOVE both of your daughter's hair! :0) They both are beautiful. I know the colors are different--but I LOVE it! I always wanted hair like that and never had the guts to do it. Good for them for being so brave!