Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Will I make it through?

Fall is most certainly on its way. The nights are colder and the trees are starting to turn yellow. Ive begged and prayed for this time of year to come. I am DONE sweating my butt off; however, this morning when I woke up after sleeping all night with the window open, I wondered what I was thinking to pray the cool weather here. I was FREEZING and wondered how I was going to make it through a shower being so cold.

With the change in weather comes sickness. Here at my house we are getting our first dose of it. Matthew woke up with croup. He is old enough to stay home by himself so I wont miss work but I wonder who is next. If Skyler gets sick I will have to stay home. This is when I wish I had a husband to help. I wouldn't miss so much work if I could trade off with someone.

So finally...
after watching the balloon lift off down town,

and taking really weird pictures of myself because I was bored late one night,

and putting up the harvest (Fall) tree. Which I made by myself thankyouverymuch!

Fall is most certainly here, and I couldnt be happier.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful encouraging comments on my last post. I treasure your words. Have a great day!!!!

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Annjeri said...

Sickness is not cool. So sorry that that the kids are getting sick, I know it's going to happen though. I love the fall decor. I cannot wait to get our house decorated too. ;-)