Sunday, September 26, 2010

Remember when I was bragging?

Today started out wonderful. Our mornings here in beautiful Colorado have been getting quite chilly. Its so nice to feel the crisp mountain air return. Ive waited all summer for this.

We missed church last week. We played hooky to have a family day so today I decided that we couldn't miss this week. Everyone was dressed and we piled into the Jeep. Much to our dismay the Jeep didn't start. It tried everything I knew to make it work, gave up, and let the kids go play. I decided to scrap church and try to get a hold of my dad to fix my Jeep before I had to return to work.

The kids immediately jumped on their brand new (purchased really cheap at a pawn shop and not really new) bikes. Nothing I could do could get the Jeep to start so I stepped in the house to wash my hands and grab a drink.

This is when it gets REALLY exciting.....NOT REALLY, but OK here we go.

All of a sudden I hear a faint "MOM." My heart sunk. It was a weird "MOM" and sure enough, in comes my youngest two. The older one looked good, it was the younger one who took my breath away. He was oozing dark thick blood all down his face starting at his nose. I don't handle things like this very well. It was way to much blood for me to even know how to deal with it. I scooped up my youngest, set him on the counter, put a clean dish towel on his face, and grabbed the phone.

"911 operator. What is your emergency?"
"My son was in a bicycle accident."

I knew I didn't have a running car and I was to freaked out to drive anyway, so 911 seemed the right choice for me.

The conversation with the women is a blur. I know she had to ask me the same questions over and over because she couldn't understand my babbling through my tears and fear. Skylers face was seriously in bad shape and I could barley stand to look at him without freaking out more. (Note to all my friends and not expect much of me in an emergency situation.) I think Skyler did a better job of holding it together then I did.

By the time the paramedics showed up we were both covered in blood. I stepped out of the way while they examined his mouth and everything else. It was determined that he hit the corner of his eye and gashed his nose. They informed me that it was up to me if I wanted to take him to the hospital or an urgent care or if I wanted them to take us, but it was advised that he be seen by someone. Seeing as how I didn't have a running vehicle, and even if I did I shouldn't be driving, I opted for the ride to the hospital in the ambulance.

Now you would think that Skyler would just be giddy about riding in an ambulance. Its one of his absolutely favorite things besides a trash truck or a tractor...but needless to say, he was not thrilled. Try putting a four year old in shock into a gurney. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. They had to call their supervisor to get permission to at least strap his car seat on the gurney for the trip to the hospital. Permission was given and off we went.

To make a long story short, Skyler required stitches; however, in order to place the stitches in my extremely stubborn and strong willed child, it was decided that he should be sedated. Good call doc!! The only problem was that nobody warned me about the side effects of someone going in and coming out of sedation. Its SOOO scary. They literally hallucinate and loose their sight while coming in and out of that mess. I never want to go through that again.

It was a horrible, no good, very bad day. But I have to say something about my family. All the while I was at the hospital with my youngest, my family rallied together to take care of my other three kids. My sister in law made dinner for the family and an awesome pitcher of tea. She organized the picking up of the house as well. My mom watched the kids at her house and mine and kept the peace. She also gave me a ride home with my precious baby boy, making sure to make a stop at the store so that I could stock up on pop cycles. My brother in law got my car back in order and running. The most embarrassing part of the day is that my Jeep wasn't really broke...I had ran it out of gas. (can I cry some more now?)

I love my family. My mother in law offered me support from afar by text. All in all, I am left with so much (although I wish I could get rid of this "after crying so much" headache.)

Skyler walked out with a hematoma on his eye (AKA: a shiner) and ten stitches in the middle of his face. Here is a before and after picture.

Keep in mind that we had LOTS of waiting time in the emergency room. I had done everything I could to make him comfortable. We were just waiting for the doctor to come in. It was so horrible. He kept looking at me and saying "mommy, Im so sad."

Here is a bit after he was stitched up. He was still woozy from the medication. Can you see his blue stitches?

I think my son needs more then a helmet. I think he needs a football helmet. The cause of this accident was actually a head on collision with another little boy on a bike. His face was the only thing injured. I purposefully put pants and a long sleeve shirt on him just for protection in case he fell. Thank goodness he is OK.

I am sooo happy to end this day. Yesterday I was bragging that my son was riding his bike so well without training wheels, and today Im blogging about how he was blown over by another biker.

He is doing really good now and as predicted, asked to ride his bike as soon as we got home. Of course I promptly answered "NO." LOL It didnt take long for him to get his "spitfire" back.

Good night.


birthmothertalks said...

I am sorry he got hurt. I am sure it hurt you way more than it did him. My oldest son is accident prone and is always hurting himself. don't feel too bad about running out of gas. I have done it but mine gas gauge thing doesn't work so sometimes when it tells me I am out of gas I don't believe it. I wish it had a I am really out of gas message. I hope your little boy face heals up without much scarring.

mak'n Changes said...

Wow! In so glad everyone pulled together to help you...poor skyler. What great adventures he'Ll be able to tell his kids someday.....I'm glad your day is finally over.
I love you.

Michelle said...

at least he didn't decide he'd never ride again! when i started reading this, i thought for sure it would scare him off since he'd only just learned how to ride. he is quite brave to want to try again so soon! although i think it's going to take more courage for YOU than for him the first time he does get back on... :-P

glad he's alright!

and seriously, you have the heart & mind of a blogger - just like me - gotta take pictures at the hospital! when i had my brain surgery, i insisted on pictures before, in surgical prep, in the PACU afterwards, and in my hospital room during my nearly-week-long stays. the only bummer was that there aren't pictures of my actual brain surgeries - both times i really wished they would take some, but aside from the fact that they never would do it, you really don't want to ask them to be busy with a camera when they're cutting into the center of your brain! ;-)

- michelle

Life Happens said...

Ouch!!! Poor little guy. :0( You must have been really freaked out to see your little guy all scraped up and bloody. Sorry to hear about this accident. I am glad to hear that aside from the stitches, he will be okay. It sounds like you really have a wonderful family that really stepped up to help out throughout his ordeal. What a blessing that is!

My son had a pretty nasty accident involving a pogo stick back in April. I posted a blog about it, too! I guess that's what us moms do these days, LOL!

Hope your little guy recovers quickly. I know mine did. He was riding his bike the day after his big pogo stick accident. Boys will be boys!

As for me...I keep finding more and more gray hairs all the time!

jodilee0123 said...

That must have been really terrifying! Glad to hear everyone is okay! I got hit in the face with a golf ball when I was 3 and needed stitches--I still remember it like yesterday and I am almost 40! :0) You did good! That looks like a pretty nasty injury!

Jennifer said...

Poor kiddo and poor you!!! Sorry that you both had such a harrowing experience, but glad that the outcome was ten stitches rather than anything internal. Scary, but manageable.

Take 'er easy this week.

Rebekah said...

Oh, Rebekah, I'm going to be the same freak-out mom. I've had to take Ben to the emergency room countless times (he really needs to take up less aggressive hobbies!) and I have to sing silly songs in my head and not look at him while I drive. All the blood and gore throws me over the edge and makes me instantly sick. I dread the day Ty ever needs such attention.

I saw your sister's FB and never put it together that Sky was the "nephew" at the hospital! We're praying for a speedy recovery. I'm so glad you have such a wonderful family!

Corinne said...

Poor little thing, I think seeing our kids hurt is a mother's worse nightmare!
My husband jumped through a glass cabinet when he was about Skylers age (he thought he was superman... :) and had stitches right down the middle of his face. Apparently he loved showing the scar off and telling his story to his friends after it happened!
Hope he feels better soon!

cc said...

Poor Skyler. I hope he heals quickly.

Karen said...

Poor baby!! I hope he is feeling better.