Saturday, December 27, 2008

After Christmas drama

Well, the grandparents are still in town. I always enjoy them being here but then there are always things about them that bother me. Anyway, me and the kids live in a small apartment so it has just been a given that we visit and spend time at Aunties house because she has a very large house. The kids have been spending the night over there and me and the three year old come home to sleep. The kids have been really good except a few little fights but that is to be expected. Auntie (the grandparents daughter) has one child who is ten and a boy. The kids have been hanging out in his room watching movies and such.

Christmas evening my son Matthew (nine years old) was a bit hyper and so grandpa said that he should go home and get some rest and come back the next day. Victoria (the ten year old) was super excited about the stuff she got for Christmas and wanted to go home for the night to put stuff away and enjoy her new TV and movies. The oldest (Chelsea 12) was the only one who stayed. In the hustle and bustle of the night I forgot to have the kids go up and clean the room they had been playing in. I am sure it was Matthew that made the mess because he is always throwing wrappers on the floor and not picking them up. I am working with him on this messy habit he has going. Chelsea had left her gum out and the three year old got ahold of it and there was gum on the floor. I felt so bad about that. I had no idea. Beyond that I was constantly cleaning and picking up Aunties house so that we were not a burden.

The day after Christmas we called over to Aunties house to see how everything was going and I talked to Grandma. She said that everyone was just resting but that they might go out and get nails done and get Chelsea a manicure. I asked her if I should bring over Victoria (knowing she would feel left out) so she could go with them. Grandma said no that she only wanted Victoria to go. This really irritated me. I have a problem with Grandma favoring Chelsea anyway and I thought that it was really horrible to leave Victoria out like that. Then Auntie gets on the phone and said that it was all about having only the children over that were respectful and that Chelsea was the only one. Grandma told me not to take things so personally. What the heck? All I wanted was for Grandma to act like she had four grandchildren not one. Sometimes I really question that women's motives. So I told them to get Chelsea ready and I would be over to pick her up. I went to get her and told them to call us if they wanted us to come over and visit. Its ten o'clock in the morning now and nobody has called. I am not sure I expect them to since I took Grandma's precious Chelsea away. (can I scream now?)

Auntie has a dog. It is half lab and half Akita (probably the wrong spelling). The kids have teased this dog so he naturally growl es at the kids and generally doesn't like them. I also don't think this dog is a good dog to be around kids. Needless to say this dog is very unpredictable and it makes me nervous to be around him sometimes. So we are all watching TV in the living room and some kids are on the floor playing and Matthew comes up behind the dog on his hands and knees and surprises the dog, the dog rears back and bites my son on the face. He has a hug hole in his face and on the inside of his mouth. I'm freaking out and call Grandma over and Auntie over to see it. Immediately Grandma starts off "you cant take him to the doctor because they will take the dog away. If you take him to the hospital they will take the dog away." I told her that I understood but to please look at his face and tell me if he needed stitches. She just kept going on and on about how the dog will get taken away. I was very frustrated at that point and raised my voice and said "I don't care about the stinking dog, does my son need stitches." Finally she looked at me and said "yes he needs stitches." This was Christmas eve so I had to take him to the hospital where "YES" he needed stitches. How selfish and stupid of her to act like that.

So here I sit...very frustrated, and not sure what to do. The girls are still sleeping and the boys are playing. I am enjoying myself (still in my pj's) but am sad because of everything that has happened.

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