Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ahhhh!! A nice break!!

My sister in law (ex sister in law) came over and babysat the kids tonight so that I could go out. I went out by myself (no self pitty here, I loved it) and enjoy myself. It was lovely. I am still very sick but not nearly as sick as I was a week or two ago. I still have to make sure to eat or I will throw up. But I did have a wonderful time tonight. I went to Schlotzskys (one of my favorites) and then off to the movies where I saw "Australia." I thought it was a great movie. Then the best part was when I got home and all the kids were in bed and my house was semi clean because I worked really hard on it today so that the sitter would be in a clean house.

I am glad I have tomorrow off. I had an extra infant this week and so I am pooped. Well its almost twelve and I better get off to bed.

Oh one more thing. Call me crazy, but I really think I feel the baby sometimes. Its very very low down by my pubic area and its just a little vibration. I have seen the baby on the ultrasound a few times moving around in there and apparently the baby is bigger then a jumping bean so, I fighre, its my sixth pregnancy, I bet Im right. Who knows.

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