Saturday, December 6, 2008


I'm tired of being sick. I know this is normal and in reading old blogs of mine, it is perfectly normal for me to be feeling desperation at this stage but I'M DONE!!!! I am so tired of being sick. I get no breaks from the sickness. I feel as though I have the flu twenty four hours a day. It helps a little for me to keep busy but I am tired so I cant do to much. I managed to get all NINE loads of my laundry washed, dried, and almost all put away, so that made me feel better. I also gathered 220 dollars worth of groceries and had them all put away. Thank goodness the kids were here to help me bring them into the house. That part is exhausting. So, all in all it was a very productive day but I find myself in tears a lot because I feel so crummy.

I also had some streaky blood again today. I also notice some tiny tiny blood clot looking things. They are only as big as the tip of a push pin. They are so small but very noticeable. Very strange. I am on the second day of my yeast medicine. I am not having cramping just the blood in the morning. Weird Weird!!!

Tomorrow I really hope to make it to church. I need to get there and just really rejuvenate my spirit. I am (obviously) been so down. I know the only thing that can keep me going is the Lord. I'm really trying, but it seems that everything I do takes such an effort. I'm not sure I'm up to any of this anymore.

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