Thursday, August 6, 2009

I will praise you in this storm....

I love storms.

Some of my kids are afraid of them but I am not. Poor little Matthew yesterday actually had a panic attack because he thought we were going to get flooded during our last storm and drown, and he was afraid. He said to me "mommy but what if the flood does come."

I love the song by Casting Crowns "I will praise you in this storm." I feel like I am in a storm right now.

And a lot of times I feel like Matthew did when he was afraid we were going to drown in the falling rain. My heart starts to race and my throat starts to clench shut and its hard to breath, just like little Matthew.

One part of the song says "you are who you are, no matter where I am. Every tear I cry, you hold in your hand. You never left my side, although my heart is torn, I will praise you in this storm." Ive had to remember that many times in the past few weeks.

BUT.....Through my discouragement, I hang on to HIS promises and remember that although storms are scary and loud and distracting...they hold much beauty...just like my personal storms. So I sit here reflecting on the past...tears falling down my cheeks, and I know that the storm will pass.


cc said...

Just remember ... there is always a beautiful rainbow after the storm!


Britney said...


M/J Granata said...

Thinking of you... praying for you!

mak'n Changes said...

GAWD! What a beautiful post becky! Beautiful words, beautiful pictures and a beautiful truth. Thank you for the reminder that storms really are beautiful.

Rebekah said...

Love the song and cried through it many times...And now I have Ty...A picture of all things good and God's amazing love.

Keep pushing through.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post so full of thought and honesty. I never thought of a storm as beautiful but now after reading your words, I will look for the beauty in the storm. Thank you and may God continue to hold you close during this storm.

Melba said...

This is a beautiful post, and a great underlying message too. Wow!