Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Im so torn!!

I am sure I have blogged about this before but I'm still having a hard time. I need you all's encouragement.

Ive been sporadically babysitting the two little ones I used to watch full time. The dad has some temporary work and has asked for my help. I don't make much watching them now because he doesn't get paid much and well, I lowered my price from 50 dollars a day to 25 so that we could both (my family and his) benefit from this situation. So 25 dollars isn't much for all the work it takes to watch these two little ones (ages eleven months and three years).

Well, last week when I watched them for two days I was just really overwhelmed. I have all my kids plus these to and that makes six kids. I HATE taking Skyler to daycare but I know if I keep him home tomorrow it will just be so overwhelming. It just feels weird to me to send off my kid for someone else to watch while I watch someone Else's kids...but I need the money and I need my sanity. Does that make sense? I just hate parting with my kids. It breaks my heart. Should I take him to day care while I am babysitting? UGGGGG!!!

He is doing so well at daycare. His potty training is still at a stand still. He is so stubborn but I still push through and I am not giving up. Today he was handing me some crayons and he counted to ten. TEN!!! I was shocked to say the least. My baby can count to ten. So I know that daycare is really doing him good. He is learning, he isn't eating at school(we call it school) so he is STARVING when he comes home but otherwise doing so very well and I am pleased. I just miss him dearly when he is gone.

School starts on Tuesday so things will settle down a bit and maybe I can get a few more babysitting days in for extra money. I have a job interview for "gymboree" on Thursday so I am going to put my most happy singing voice on and dance my pants off. LOL They told me to be ready to sing and dance. Have I ever mentioned that I love to sing?

Well that's about it. I am still posting resume after resume. I also got my first cleaning job. It is only a once a month deep cleaning but Ill take what I can get. I am hoping (like you all said) that word of mouth will be my friend.


Sara said...

Take a deep breath sweet girl! yes continue Skyler's routine. i now exactly how you feel but if you were to break the routine it would send him mixed messages. So take him to school.

congrats on the job. Do you have business cards that you pass out. WOM will be your best friend. If you have cards pass those suckers out anywhere and everywhere. If you dont have cards, check out vista print, you can often times get free cards just for checking them out the first time. Oh and leave them places on bulliten boards, in restraunts anywhere, just leave them.

praying the sitting isnt too overwhelming for you today!

Anonymous said...

Yes keep sending him. Sounds like he is learning alot in school. When all the kids are in school it will be easier to keep the other ones. This week you can ask your older kids to help with the ones you are keeping.

Did you box make it yet?


Anonymous said...

R, I would keep Skylar in his routine. I'm sure he enjoys "school." Routine is the best thing for most kids. It gives them a sense of security. Hang in there. You are a great mom. You have such a great..."I'll do what I have to do." attitude!!! You ROCK! Mollie

FutureMrsZ said...

Good luck with the interview and congrats on the first cleaning job. I recently saw an episode of Dr. Phil about potty training. Check out this link, I think it's a great process.

Rebekah said...

I bet daycare is really good for him...especially because he gets to interact with people his height and age! :)

I understand why you don't want to do daycare in your home anymore...but I would do it until you find another job. If God's giving you an avenue for provision - I'd take it! Even if only for a few weeks.

Rebekah said...

Thanks Ladies. I did take Sky to daycare and I am ready to start my babysitting day. Rebekah, I totally didnt want to babysit this week but I felt that it would have been foolish to say no because it is money....and of course I do love these little boys that I watch, its just not where my heart is anymore. I am thankful for Gods provisions for sure. :)

Jessi said...

I also wanted to 2nd about the Dr Phil potty training. I had a friend who used this and potty trained her almost 3 year old in just a few days. Definitely worth trying.

I think its perfectly normal to send him to daycare while you "work". Routine is good for him and your sanity is good for everyone. I know you don't feel like babysitting but it's extra money so any money helps. Hang in there and for what it's worth you're doing an awesome job. Don't ever believe anything less!

Anonymous said...

I am a daycare provider so I know exactly where you are coming from with the mixed feelings. But...Skyler needs this. Just think how much he has learned in the short time he has been at daycare. I always tell my daycare parents that we are like a little family and the kids learn so much from each other. The kids do things here (self help skills) that they would never try at home. They also eat food here, that they would not try at home. Peer influence starts at a very young age so just think how good it is that Skyler has all of these great experiences with his little buddies. Good luck with the interview.

mak'n Changes said...

How cool that you have to sing and dance for your interview. You'll wow them with your voice I'm sure!

Lerin said...

Good luck with the interview! :)

As for cleaning... You can get some free business cards from VistaPrint, I did when I first started out in photography. :)

Kel said...

There is a lot more to day care than just being watched, consider it Pre School. The benefit is that he is learning how to interact with other kids without you there. That's a big deal. If the babysitting is helping you out and isn't killing you, keep doing it while it works. When it gets to be too much give the family some notice and help them find a replacement. Gymboree sounds like a crackup. Good luck!

Anonymous said...


I tried sending you a personal email, but it was returned saying the email address was no longer valid. I used the link under your profile; the yahoo account. Could you please post your email address so that I could send you a personal email?!!


Rebekah said...

For the person who wanted my email address it is, lovmykids333@yahoo.com. I hope it works this time. :)

LaC said...

I'm a longtime follower, first time commenter, but I just wanted to say that I think you should keep Skyler in his routine. Right now that is your job, and if you were going to any other job you would have to take him. Does that make sense? Anyway I'm amazed by you, you gave such a beautiful gift. You're such a wonderful person!