Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two months and to big to fit in a t-shirt!!

Today Tyrus turns two months old. I know I said it when he turned one month old but my goodness...can time slow down? When I look back at the days after Ty's birth....it brings tears to my eyes. I have never been more broken in my life. Today, I feel good, and although watching video's from Rebekah (Ty's momma) still brings tears to my eyes...I know everything is how it should be.

I had a wonderful today at my new job. It was the first day of training and so I cleaned bathrooms. This particular house was really really clean to began with so although It was SOOOO much work because of the size of it, it wasn't that bad because It was so clean already. What a beautiful house it was. The bottom floor had a movie theater in it...and I'm not joking...it was a movie theater screen. Can you imagine having something like that? How fun!!

Although today went well, it was a lot of work. My boss gave me a few of the company T-shirts, but sadly, even though she gave me the biggest size she had, they did not fit me. (sigh) I'm still just to big. She will order me bigger ones and was very sweet about it but it is still embarrassing. (sigh again)

So I leave you all with a very adorable picture that Rebekah sent just for me today. Its my favorite out of the several she sent. He is undeniably the cutest baby. I miss him a great deal but Rebekah has promised to give him enough kisses for the both of us. Clearly, she is such a good momma to Ty, and when I watch the videos she sends me, his eyes never leave her sweet face. He follows her with his eyes and is enamored by her voice. I can see how much time she pours into him...he is so blessed to have her, and I am blessed to call her my friend.


mak'n Changes said...

He is such a sweetheart! I love her weekly posts and all the new pictures she posts. I see a lot of you and skyler in him some of chelsea too. The little pumpkin!
Don't stress to hard over that shirt becky, soon it will be to big and you'll be asking for a smaller size. For now, humility is good for the soul.
Love you cousin!

Jill said...

As a follower of both of your blogs, I just wanted to say you are one incredible woman! It is because of momma's like you, that momma's like me have a family. From the bottom of mt heart...THANK YOU!
Hugs, Jill

a corgi said...

he is soooo adorable!! glad you had a good first day on the job! my gosh, that sounds like a huge house!

I know it is so hard with what you did by allowing Tyrus to grow up in another family's home, but I so totally admire your decision. both of my kids (now 23/20) are adopted and my 20 y/o came from a family who was married, second marriage, he had kids, she had kids, they had a child together, and then got pregnant with "M". they chose adoption but a closed one (this was in 1989). I am sure every year when his birthday rolls around, they remember......

hugs to you!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Ty is so cute! I think he looks just like Skyler! What a blessing. I want you to know that you and I will probably never meet or maybe never even talk via email....but I think that you are AMAZING!!! I never hear (read) you complaining or saying "why me." You have more grace and love than most people that I know in "real life." Don't sweat the small stuff on the t-shirt thing. You will get there. Hang in there mama!!! Prayers from Ohio!!! Mollie

Leah said...

What a big boy he's growing up to be. So precious. :-D

I'm glad your first day of work went well. :-D

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and sending prayers. You have blessed so many in life. Dont worry about the size of the shirt because if your heart had to fit in a shirt alone it would neaver fit. You will lose the weight, but never the love that others surround you with.

cc said...

What a precious pic of Ty. He reminds me of Skyler.

Girl, it's only been 2 months...it takes a while for the weight to go down. I can tell you have already started losing. Keep it up...


Anonymous said...

i saw the side thing about your son having a fever blister...they ARE painful, sometimes very painful and of course somewhat embarrasing. But, there is a solution: Abreva. Yes, it is a tiny tube, and yes it is very expensive, but I get the sores several times a year and I have had the same tube for over a year. As soon as a little red dot starts to appear or he starts to complain of tingling in the area, you put a tiny dab on the spot. Do it before bed and after breakfast. Usually if you do it before it gets bad it will be gone in a day. If it's already bad, it will be gone in about 3 days. Not to mention, it numbs it!

dont go for the cheap immitation stuff, never works and like I said, the good stuff lasts for a very long time. hth!

Rebekah said...

Your words make me cry. I promise I give him enough love for both of us and we talk about you often!

Thank you for making my birthday so special :).

Anonymous said...

Rebekah are there other bloggers that keep in contact/offer each other unending support like you and the other Rebekah? You both are so kind to each other. Ty is one lucky little boy. Please let us know if there other other birthmom.adoptive mom bloggers that match like the two of you. Hope the new job is going well. Hug those sweet kids of yours...they are so sweet.