Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mom...can we say the word A##!!

My kids come up with the most unusual things. In our family we are not aloud to say cuss words. I think because this rule is in place the children think that it is fun to try and break the rule as often as possible. I myself have never been one to cuss. This does not make me better than anyone, I just didn't grow up with it, hardly ever heard a cuss word, so It just didn't become part of my life. My kids; however, have been exposed to profane words throughout their whole lives through different places and people. They go to public school for one, so that pretty much sums it up. I wanted to share the latest argument for cussing that me and the kids had today.

"Mom." Chelsea says. "Two of my friends at school are allowed to use any cuss word that is in the Bible. I think that's a great idea for us to. What do you think."

"Well..." I answer. "Well the only cuss words that I can think of in the Bible are ass and damn."

"Right! I think ass and damn are pretty reasonable. So can we mom?"

I'm sitting there thinking. I hate being put on the spot like that and of course my first initial answer would have been "HELL NO!!" But I didn't say that. For some very odd reason this came out of my mouth.

"OK Chelsea, you can say ass and damn as long as the word ass is used only in sentences referring to a donkey and damn can be used to talk about things such as a beavers dam."

So I said it. I hardly thought about my words and was actually feeling pretty good about my response until I heard this coming from the back seat.

"So mom...if someone is mean to me I can just say "Your such an ASS?" since I would really be calling them a donkey?"


We got our Christmas tree put up. We had fun. I'm not feeling that great(got a head cold) but we did manage to have fun drinking egg nog and eating candy canes and decorating the Christmas tree. It was pure crazy fun. I tried to snap a shot of the finished Christmas tree with all the kids laying below it but somehow it didn't work.

I must add a disclaimer. My first born son (Matt) is really not cross eyed, although he chose to be that way in nearly all the pictures I took tonight. (sigh sigh) Our tree didn't turn out like I (ahem) had hoped but the kids loved it and it is very unique to say the least.

Finally I gave up on getting a good picture and decided the tree was good to stand alone. Its crooked, and the angel is facing the wall, but its our tree and it was decorated with love. :)


mak'n Changes said...

Chelsea cracks me up! I laughed and read it to alex. He laughed too. Fun day!

Jill said...

LOL! Thanks for the good laugh!
Amamzing what those kiddos can come up with isn't it??

Nati @ I will praise Him said...

Awesome, haha!

We got all our decorations out today, but the tree has to wait until December 20th when my Stepdaughter comes to stay with us. She loves helping! Plus we're having a real tree and I think it wouldn't look too great at Christmas if we already got it now.

Anonymous said...

Ah you always have such funny sweet stories about your kids. It just shows what a great Mom you are that Chelsea would even check this out with you. The tree...beautiful because it is decorated with love. Ty looks adorable in his 5 month old must be so proud of him.

Renia Flaishans said...

I think the tree is PERFECT!! My girls decorated our tree, yeap just the 2 of them. It looks awesome. I just smile everytime I look at it. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!!

All My Monkeys said...

*giggle giggle* Well, sometimes as mom's we have to set aside our idea of what things should look like or how they should go, and accept what they are for what they are, even if it's backwards and crooked. lol

Where I live, there's another small town near our small town that has an "attraction." There are a few rivers that criss cross thru here, and a larger one goes thru that small town. There is also a dam that is built there. Next to the dam/overlook/campground is a little cafe called... you guessed it, the Dam Store. My dh was not allowed to swear as a child, either, but it was great fun for them to say, "Mom, can we go to the dam store?" Too funny what kids find exciting, huh?