Friday, November 20, 2009

Naked as a jay bird!

Our sweet Maggie got her second professional hair cut today. Poor thing is usually subjected to me cutting her hair. She is so little (a whole nine pounds) and I just cant get all her tiny parts trimmed correctly, so needless to say, her feet had started to look like the Grinch...the hair was really long and hanging down. Isn't she sweet? She even got Pumpkin dog cologne. Who would have thunk that dogs had cologne. It was a good day for Maggie.

Today was my day off. I love having Fridays off. Me and Skyler just hung out and got some stuff done. Around twelve o'clock I put a movie on for him and jumped in the shower. I always shower with the door open when it is just him and I, and usually he is sitting on the toilet saying "Mom! Whatcha doin?" a hundred times.

So it wasn't unlike any other day. I got my shower, wrapped the towel around me and went to my room to dress when all of a sudden I hear a knock at the door and sweet Maggie barking......and then......I heard the dead bolt unlock and the door OPEN!!!! I am in my room, door wide open, NAKED AS A JAY BIRD, and my son has just answered the door. Oh my!!! I start yelling down the hall "SKYLER SHUT THE DOOR! DONT YOU ANSWER THAT DOOR!" That didn't work, I can tell the door is still open and I hear a mans voice. I'm desperately trying to get dressed and all I can say is "I AM NAKED IN HERE! YOU BETTER SHUT THAT DOOR!" I am mortified just talking about this. The next thing I hear is "OK little boy, here is your dog now shut the door." The door shuts...and my three year old comes walking down the hall, meeting me half way and said, "Look mom, a box. A box by the door."

It was the UPS man coming to drop off a package from grandma. I am certain that I shocked the heck out of this man by yelling that I was naked down the hall.

I am thankful that my son was not abducted by a strange delivery man, and I am also thankful that I didn't get turned in for yelling NAKED so much today!!!!



mak'n Changes said...

Hilarious! But scary .

Lynnette said...

You are to funny---glad Skylar is safe!!!!

Nati @ I will praise Him said...

oh my! that was fun (at least for us readers!)

Baby Wanted said...

That was hilarious! So glad he is okay! You may need to invest in a chain lock for the front door that he can't reach. We had to do that when my friends little boy was visiting. He was also the same age as your son and he escaped early in the morning while we were all asleep. Cops brought him back home, lovely!

Your dog is darling. I love the bows!

Anonymous said...

lol The UPS guys are use to it. They get it at least once a week. Some crazy females even answer with nothing or almost nothing on. You need to hear some of their stories. It was much worse on you than it was on him. He was probably laughing all the way back to the truck. (sorry but he probably was) The worst part is Sky actually opened the door. NO NO Sky don't open the door unless you know the person. lol Gigi

Anonymous said...

I agree with the chain lock...I had to get one cause I do the same as you by leaving the door open when I shower....except 1 day was a little different. I was calling for my daughter(about 2yrs the time)just to make sure she was ok watching TV & her response to me was "I don't wanna watch TV anymore so I'm going outside to play in the driveway" can imagine how fast I had to grab my towel & run for her (on the front steps)....I feel your embarressment! LOL Gotta love our kids!

Rebekah said...

Oh my! This made my day - I laughed out loud!