Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not much to say....

On Sunday, my first born boy turned ten years old. I cant believe it. In our family its pretty special to turn double digits.
I remember when the ultrasound flashed his boy parts. I had just had two girls and was THRILLED to be having a boy, although I wasnt sure what I was going to do with him. I didnt have a brother, and to be honest, the whole "take care of the penis" thing kinda frightened me. But, he was born after four short hour of labor. He was sweet and sour as all little boys are and I love him dearly. Happy tenth birthday my sweet Matthew Brian.

My little Ty tidbit is that he is nearly five months old. His momma said that he has started squeeling, and if you look real close you can see that the drool goes for miles around the Pinchback house. Happy almost five months old sweet baby boy!!

And lastly...this is the result of Chelsea (the thirteen year old) babysitting her three year old brother. She always does this, but this time it kinda took on an artsy sort of feel. I thought it captured well in this photo.


LL said...

Happy (belated) birthday Matthew!

Ty is getting so big! It is amazing how much drool these little one's can produce!

Chelsea is definitely artsy! Skyler is a very patient little bro! These are great photos to show him when he gets older!

Rose said...

Happy Birthday!! And love that last photo.

Jess said...

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