Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Funny, dirty life!!!

Being a maid is hard physical work, but oddly enough, I enjoy it. I have cleaned houses and not found a speck of dirt on them, and I have cleaned houses that I could barely see past the mold on the floor. Thank God for gloves and rubber bottom tennis shoes and soap.

Yesterday I had a seven hour job in a beautiful area of town called Black Forest. Its full of HUGE houses surrounded by trees. Its really beautiful. I car pooled with my friend and we were just really enjoying the ride. Finally I found the house after a thirty minute drive and we pull into the driveway. It was a very big six thousand square foot house so it was going to take all four of us maids to clean it. I noticed that I had pulled into this one way drive way the wrong way, so I was going to back up....simple enough right? I'm feeling good, I'm backing up and "BOOM." I look back and low and behold....I hit a tree. It hit smack in the middle of my bumper. "Darn it!" I thought. I pulled forward a little, assessed the damage to my jeep which was minimal (thank God) and then I looked at the tree. Poor tree. It will never be the same. My jeep seems to be a tank and has so far withstood lots of beating up due to my driving abilities. LOL

Skyler is doing really good on his potty training. Sometimes though, he still pees at night so I keep a diaper on him, but regardless of the diaper he still sometimes leaks through it onto the bed. The other night I am ashamed to say that his diaper leaked and we were both a little wet....I was so tired I couldn't think straight....so I got up, changed my shirt.....threw a towel over the pee and went back to sleep on top of it. Nasty hugh? Well at least I got the sleep I needed....oh and of course a shower in the morning.

On a regular bases I clean this one house. It is a cute purple color on the outside, but on the inside it houses two grown adults and nine crazy wild dogs. Because of all the dogs the house is not exactly...clean...to say the least...but on this particular day I had this conversation with the owner who I will call S:

"Good morning Rebekah."

"Good morning S." I responded.

"I was going to have company this afternoon but I think I better cancel because my dogs have mange and it can be passed onto humans and they will want to play with the dogs." S says to me.

Let me take a moment to paint a little picture of that moment. This ladies house is FULL of puffy floating pieces of dog hair. I literally had dog hair all over me and I was (at the time of her telling me this) trying to get a piece of dog hair out of my nose. I was covered in dog hair and she is now telling me that she is canceling her company because she wants to protect them from this dog parasite that can be passed to humans and in my mind...I am now covered with it.

"So..." S continued, "I'm just going to have you clean the upstairs because I am not feeling that good, I think I might have mange to because I sleep with the dogs and I am starting to get some itchy bumps."

"Oh OK" I said, trying to keep my composure but secretly thinking that I wanted to get out of there.

"Are you worried?" S asks me

"Well is my hair going to fall out?" I answer, PRAYING that the answer is no because all the dogs I have ever seen with mange have NO HAIR.

"Oh no, you will just itch for a couple weeks and get red bumps all over you. Its short lived in humans."

"Oh OK." I said trying not to freak out, and went about my cleaning, went home and took a long hot shower.

It was found out later that the dogs had the type of mange that could not be passed to humans and all was well, but it really freaked me out. Oh...and I still have all my hair!!!


birthmothertalks said...

Thanks for the giggles.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. I don't think I would be telling people that my dogs had that. lol I'm sure if I was the one cleaning I would have left right then. I hope you have a wonderful day. Gigi

Mandy and Jack said...

Ewww!!!! I would be SO out of there! And oh yeah, the towel thing? With the pee on the bed and the sleeping? I've totally done that when the dog peed on the bed in the middle of the night.

Rose said...

Yuk. Funny how she wouldn't have thought to not have you come clean...but she was worried for her company. A little value for the working class please?!?! lol.

momof2monsters said...

I love Black Forest. Its such a pretty area but not fun to drive in during winter. I used to teach at the school that is out there. I miss living in Colorado. I do enjoy reading your blog. Makes me giggle.

~Katie said...

Wow Rebekah, you are a nicer girl than I. I would have told her where to go and run out of that house screaming. I always did admire you!! :)

Melba said...

That is crazy with the whole mange thing...I don't know how you kept yourself from running out of there screaming!

So glad it was a false alarm...