Sunday, May 23, 2010

Heres what I have to say about that!

I want you to meet someone. Her name is Meredith and she has a husband and two small children. I have read her blog for years and years, even before my ten year old was born I have followed her story. I think its clear that I am a devout Christian that believes in the Bible and TRIES to follow it as best as I can. The funny thing is that Meredith is an atheist (gasp). Shocking Hugh? Well, not really. But I wanted you to meet her because she is such a sweet lady with a very outspoken mind. In all the years I have followed her, not once have I been disrespectful towards how she believes. Sometimes she will ask for her readers opinions and then I will give mine to her but then I continue to read. Its nice to have diversity. You can find her blog here. Its OK to have a different opinion then someone else, even if its about homosexuality.

A lot of comments were left on my last post. Here are a couple I wanted to comment on:

"Perhaps you should do some more researching on nature vs nurture/psychology. Many people who are gay did not CHOSE this lifestyle but were born this way. Just like you would not like someone calling you fat, YOU too were just genetically programmed to be larger and you cant help it. Neither than they." anonomous-

Thank you for your comment whoever you are. Gotta love those anonymous comments. I have yet to find any scientific data that supports the "born gay" theory. I believe it is a choice just like being fat was a choice for me. I know that some people have a higher risk of being fat than others but I believe that I became FAT because I ate to much just like I believe that people are gay by choice. And its OK for you to have a different opinion then me.

"So much judgment from a person who does not want to be judged.
Didn't you put your own baby up for adoption because you expected he would be "brown"? Your kids are on anti-depressants, you feed them horribly unhealthy food, your daughter has suicidal thoughts on a regular basis and lies to you constantly and you're all worried about THE GAYS? Really? So it's OK to be a racist but it's not OK to be gay. Oh my. Perhaps you should try to fix what's going on in your own house before you start judging people who have nothing to do with you (and probably could care less what you think of them anyway
" anonomous-

This above comment really makes me laugh. I think I know who this person is because the things she mentioned I have never mentioned on my blog. (Hi Bethany) No I did not give up my son because he was going to be "brown." You obviously don't know me that well. Yes I am sure my children lie to me as I am sure you lied to your parents when you were younger. I am not racist. I am far from it in fact. I'm not sure how I became racist by talking about the gays. I was simply voicing my frustration about how our society thinks.

Lets not loose sight of the fact that I am the one who started a PUBLIC blog and was open and honest about getting pregnant ON PURPOSE after knowing the man for only two months, then deciding that I couldn't take care of my child and giving him up for adoption. I think that I am NOT afraid to be judged. Im so sick of people saying "dont judge me." Im ALLOWED to judge people based on their actions (or fruits), just as you are ALLOWED to judge me by my actions or fruits (fruits of the spirit).

Yesterday was the first day I opened up the comments on my blog and did not moderate them. Anyone and everyone was allowed to post and that is why you see all the nasty comments. I just didn't post them before. Needless to say, I know that I am a screw up. I know that I am a Christian. Guess what? God loves the screw ups. All throughout the Bible He uses people just like me to do amazing things. I have another secret for you...we are all screw ups. The Bible talks about how "our righteousness is like filthy rags." (Isaiah 64:6) What that means is that our best is still nothing better then a dirty rag. We are sinful people by nature. Someone being gay is no different then me over eating. But because we are saved, Gods grace makes us pure inside and worthy to even walk in his presents.

So, even though I am not perfect...well I am perfect....a perfectly good screw up (LOL), I am going to try to teach my kids NOT to be. Does that make sense? But regardless, my kids will mess up and they will lie to me. They will make bad choices and fall down. In the end, I believe they are going to make wonderful adults. I believe they are all sewing their wild seeds early. I cant wait to see what they become!

I'm so thankful for all the comments left on my last post. Don't you love the internet? You are free to come and go as you please. You are free to voice your opinion on your own blog or someone else's. You are free to be close minded or opened. We are free to love or to tear down. I think Ive seen a little bit of it all today.


Corinne said...

Nice follow-up! This is why I like blogs too, we are all free to voice our opinions, and like I said in my last comment, I don't agree with your opinion but I definitely respect it. I guess it's nice if we can all agree to disagree without getting too nasty! :)
thanks for commenting on my blog by the way! I was thinking about doing a gay debate post too after thinking about it a lot today!

Anonymous said...

It also says in the Bible in the same place where it says God hates gays that good people should not eat swine or shellfish. So I'm sure being the good Christian you are, you follow those rules too. You are also supposed to go into hiding every time you menstruate.
If you are going to follow one of the rules, you have to follow all of them don't you think? Especially when they come from the same section of the Bible.

Jesus loved everyone.

Jesus didn't judge.

To be Christian is to act like Christ.

You are not doing that.

What you are doing is attacking a minority to make yourself feel better for your horrible choices and your rotten life.

Muliebrity said...

I really respect the honesty you put forth on your blog. Your comments regarding sexuality really surprised me, as I haven't known you to post about such hot topics.

I am glad you acknowledged the sentiment of my comment and somewhat agree that so much of that behavior is for attention.

I still hope you reconsider your view of homosexuality as a whole, but understand why you have the views that you do. I personally don't think the sexuality, as a whole, is black and white. I think there is enough prestigious, anger, and hate in this world without bashing a particular group.

Anonymous said...

Jesus did love everyone, Anonymous. But he didn't condone their sin. He ate with them, he spent time preaching to them, and in the end said "go and sin no more".

Anonymous said...

Actually, according to the actual Bible, the only things God hates are divorce (Malachi 2:16), and "haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up dissension in the community (Proverbs 6:16-19).

Comparing sexual sin, which is a moral sin and subject to God's moral imperatives in the Bible, to a civil sin (Old Testament rules on how to form a soceity) is like comparing apples to oranges - it doesn't work.

Yes, God condemns homosexuality in Leviticus. He also condemns about 20 other types of sexual sin. Read Leviticus 18. All of it. Why do we outlaw certain types of sexual sins, but not others? After all, to quote anon, "If you are going to follow one of the rules, you have to follow all of them don't you think? Especially when they come from the same section of the Bible."

Why do people not make such a big deal out of adultery, which is sex outside of marriage? It's just as condemned in the Bible as homosexuality. So is using God's name as a curse word. Where's the outrage over that?

Oh, and as far as the menstruation thing's because your period is life lost. That could be a baby...your egg was not fertilized; a life was lost. It's mourning, not hiding. Ancient Jews had SUCH a deep respect for life (something sadly lacking in America today) that they would mourn a woman not being pregnant.

God also condemns homosexuality in Romans, which is the New Testament. So telling a Christian to follow the food laws in Leviticus (which Jesus abolished in Acts 10 and Mark 7) doesn't really work. Telling all people to avoid all sexual sin does work.

If people truly knew Jesus like they like to pretend they do, they would at least read His ENTIRE Word and not just pick & choose the passages that work for them and their arguments. Seriously - I challenge all of you to do a study on EVERY passage in the Bible dealing with sex. You'll get it.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you turn off the anonymous comments for a while. You have obviously offended a lot of people with your opinion. I say to each their own...they are not hurting you by being homosexual. If you leave the anon. comments on I am sure you are going to get horrible attacks on your choices you made in life...again to each their own. Noone should stand in judgement of another. At this time in your life do you really want to read negative comments about yourself? You came across as so sweet during the adoptions someone who would never judge another. I predict you have lost a lot of readers...but maybe you dont care.

M/J Granata said...

Rebekah... I am offering up prayers for all involved here.... sending hugs!

Anonymous said...

What an ignorant view. I pity your children. Word to the wise, it seems as if the holiest of holy roller mothers are the ones that have their children turn out the worst. You need to focus your attention away from the hatred of gays to your own daughter who is clearly in need of some intervention.

You are not Godly. God is looking at you with shame for your judgemental words.

mak'n Changes said...

Good Grief!!!!!!!!!! You stirred up a hornets nest. Ha ha! The passion I see in not only your blog but the comments is pretty incredible. In the end I can see that we are a people who truly love one another and stand up for eachother.. thats cool.
I admire your post today bek. You are a strong girl to state what you believe and then respect those that disagree with you enough to post their comments on your blog.
I did get a good laugh about the "brown" baby comment. That was funny cause it was obviously someone who didnt read carefully enough and miss informed themselves thru their own mistake. OOps... I guess had you not loved brown babies enough to keep them, then you probably would never have loved a "brown" man enuogh to give him your heart huh? silly.
I love you becky! I admire you, I respect you, I want to be like you when I grown up! *wink*

Sissy said...

I hadn't read the previous post, so I had to go back and look at it and the comments before I could really put together my thoughts! Wow! You really did stir something up, didn't you?

In modern religion, so many Christian denominations have clearly ignored parts of the Bible, and others have added to it. If we are to believe the Bible, we must believe ALL of it. Not just pick and choose. It isn't easy. Just like being a parent isn't easy. Being human isn't easy. We all make mistakes.

Stacie said...

Oh my, to the incredibly harsh anonymous commenters, so glad to see that you have found yourself blameless and worthy to cast the first stones. Rebekah, you have hit the nail on the head, as Christians we are called to be fruit inspectors. God himself gave us the list of qualifications to use when he gave us the fruits of the spirit. If you took offense to Rebekah's view on homosexuality as a sin, understand that your beef is not with her, it is with God, since it is His word that declares it a sin, not Rebekah's opinion, my opinion, or anyone else's.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now. I am in total shock that some people actually come to your blog to belittle you! Seems as though these people live in a horrible world to were they feel any relief from it is to attack you!



Hope said...

As I said in my last comment I am shocked at the things people say to you. I understand they are upset but wow there is no need for all the hateful comments. Im sorry for the hateful words people are spewing towards you.

Molly said...

I would never post without my name, but I feel compelled to speak up.

I know I am the dissenting opinion. I'm Jewish, Liberal, and have many gay friends and relatives. I do not for a second believe they would choose this life. It is not easier for them. It is frustrating to me to see someone discriminate against them. I know that nothing I say will change your opinion, as you have a belief that being gay is wrong. You are entitled to that belief. We have freedom of religion. Just as I don't believe that Jesus is my lord and savior, you do. That is your prerogative.

I understand that you feel that you need to teach your children that being gay is WRONG. But what are you teaching them about how to treat gay people? If your child has a gay teacher? friend? If your child themselves is gay? I know countless christian individuals who are gay, who had to hear that from their parents. "Being gay is wrong. being gay is a sin." and to know secretly that you are gay and hear these things from a parent is devastating. To feel like you should like girls if you "just tried harder, or prayed more" does a real number on your sense of self.

I just pray that you keep an open mind, that you do not immediately write everyone off due to their sexuality. Do you teach your children that premarital sex is as big of a sin as gay sex? do you teach them that the only acceptable sexual contact is the p into v? I'm really honestly intrigued by this.