Sunday, May 23, 2010

Moving on...I think!

I hate getting into debates on the Bible. I don't know why but everyone interprets it differently. I'm OK with that, but because of that, I will NOT get into a Bible debate because nobody wins. Not to mention that I am not a Bible scholar and so I do not believe I have any right to debate such a rich book. If you have just started reading my blog you might want to scroll down and read the last two posts for any of this to make sense.

With that thought, I encourage all you who do believe in the Bible and who have been leaving comments on my blog as far as homosexuality goes, and for all those who have not been involved in this debate, to go and read Romans chapter 1. I would encourage you to read the whole chapter so that you don't think I am taking a scripture out of context; however, the scriptures I am most interested in sharing with you are
Romans 1: 26-31. Romans is located in the New Testament AFTER Jesus died on the cross. I believe when he died on the cross he did away with the old traditions of the Old Testament so I thought it was important to share with you something from the New Testament.

Someone said to me in the comments of the last post that I came across so sweet during my whole adoption story. She said that my story was so heart felt. I recon now that you all know how I feel about homosexuality, I do not qualify as "sweet" any more....


I'm still sweet although that is not the point here. The point is that life is dang hard. Raising children has always been hard but I believe that in the day and age that we live in now it is exceptionally hard. It makes me mad that I cant protect my children from the world views that I don't agree with. It irritates me that I cant convince my children about what is right and holy in Gods eyes because the public schools and their teachings overrule me. I'm mad because I have not always been the best example for them and in turn it has impacted their lives negatively. (although not everything that has happened has been my fault) I'm mad because instead of standing up for what is right, some people just sit down because its comfortable. (not all people)

I cant defend myself against all the negativity that has been posted on this blog the past few days. I don't need to, but I will share this. Me and my children have had many conversations about sex and birth control. I believe that if you don't talk to your kids about sex, then someone else will. As much as they hate talking to their mother about it, they know all the in's and outs of sex. They know how it works, they know the dangers of having sex before they are married, or even if they are married. They know what a condom is and they also know that if they were to ever have sex that they need to use a condom. I am not a stupid person. I do not live in a box. My children are well informed.

I have always voiced how hard it is on my blog to raise my children alone. I think I was just tired of posting all the cutesy pictures and talking about the simple things when I had such heavy things on my heart. I chose to voice them here. I will continue to voice them. I don't know if I am the only one out there with older kids. I don't know if I am the only one who blogs about this stuff. I am not afraid to loose readers. I want you to stay because you want to stay, and because you enjoy being part of something that is real. My life couldn't get more real. My children are not small anymore. Its not about changing diapers. Now its about saying no to drugs because they will kill you, and saying no to sex because it could KILL you, and saying no to violence and gangs because it could kill you or you will wind up in jail. I would gladly go back to changing diapers. This is really hard!!! But who said it would be easy?

Do you have certain beliefs that you try to instill in your children? What are they? Are you afraid to post them on your blog? Are you afraid of what people might think? Don't be. Just say it! We need each others support.

Lastly, I have made it so anonymous people can not post. I believe that you should not hide behind rotten words. If you have something to say then stand up and be proud of it. Show your face for goodness sake!!!


LL said...

Bravo R!!!!

Leah said...

Wow. . . You received a lot of comments on your last post. I think everyone is so opinionated on matters such as what you brought up.

I didn't agree with your views on homosexuality at all, and I have a Biblical and Christian background, and well, if I wanted to write you a book here, I would give you my thoughts. But I know you are entitled to your opinion, just like everyone else is entitled t theirs. And this is your blog, and if people are so overly offended, they have the choice to quit following.

I agree with the anonymous comments though. If you disagree (like I did) at least put your name behind it.

briany said...

briany said...

In a 1998 address, author, activist, and civil rights leader Coretta Scott King stated that "Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood.

J said...
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J said...

I wouldn't go as far as cheering you for this post nor would I crucify you. I am a Christian and I have my beliefs about homosexuality (I also feel it is a sin), but I feel that I'm not worthy enough as a Christian to judge their sins because "those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." I'm a sinner and I believe that I have no right to say one sin is worse than another. My uncle is a Monk in the middle east and he says sin is like a link on a necklace...regardless of where the link breaks, the necklace is broken.

If you want my honest opinion, I am great friends with a gay man. He is a better Christian than most and I don't give a rats ass what science says...he didn't chose this life style.

Love you girlie! I've had many hot topics on my blog and I do praise you for saying what is on your mind. This is your blog and if those who don't like what you are saying are offended, well I on the little X on the upper corner of the screen.

LOL, I deleted my last comment because I noticed huge typos-sorry, I'm anal!

J said...

*choose not chose-sheesh!

Andi-bo-bandi said...

Ah! I hadn't been to your blog for awhile and look at all the angst you have brought up. Good for you! The more we read from one another, the more we learn.

Personally I too am a Christian but I do not see a need to bring this particular "sin" (as some see it) to the light. There are so many other things that we as Christians ignore just so we can hate on the "gays" and "baby killers". It's just sad. Christ came to offer redemption, not condemnation! (John 3:17)

I hope that your children will trust in you enough to tell you how they feel about their sexuality even if it is not in line with what you desire for them. Just because something is "wrong" doesn't mean we aren't that way. KWIM? And good for you for being so open with them about sex!

Leah, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Be blessed!

kalibug said...

Well said!

cc said...

I just finished reading the past 3 blog post and ALL the comments.
You know how I feel.
I'm just so sad,hurt,mad and shocked at some of the comments from the blog on May 21st.

You have a right to voice your opinion on your blog.

Hold your head high and don't be discouraged by the words you read.

michelle said...

Whew, when you said it was a new blog, you weren't kidding! lol Love debates.....not sure I'll step into this one right now though. ; )

Yep, I do understand your worries about your kids. I agree that the world is a dangerous place to be raising kids, and I think as a society we've been heading for quite some time toward a worldview that is not Biblical in the least. The more I see it, the more I see it, if that makes sense. Or, now that I am tuned into it, I recognize it more easily. We started homeschooling this year (NOT for that reason...mostly just wanted more time together as a family) and through that AI have become much more intentional about TEACHING my children about God/Jesus/Bible/faith, and that has been a really good change.

Have fun with your new, edgier blog. : )

Lissa said...

After reading and posting on your blog entry a few days ago, I rec'd your email and replied back. Now I am reading this entry and I am surprised.

You stated your beliefs in homosexuality - which you are clearly entitled - but then you are talking to your children about "protection" in your sex talks.

I am all for giving children the right information,at the right time, but I am having a hard time following you......

It seems you are taking the Bible word for word, according to your beliefs on homosexuality - but when it comes to sex and protection you are not. As you stated in your email to me - a sin is a sin, and clearly premarital sex and birth control are a sin.

I think you are right, especially since your daughter is coming "of age" to explain sex and protection, but my question would be why? Shouldn't you be explaining abstinence and waiting for marriage and not "condoms and using them if they have sex?

It seems to me, that you can lean or make convenient the issues that you choose instead of being according to the Bible, across the board.

I am trying to understand your story, not to bash or irritate you, I am just having a hard time following along. Sorry.

Casey-Lianne said...


I haven't posted since before Tyrus was born but I feel the need to say a few things.

First, and most importantly, I admire your continued strength. Way to go! Hopefully you are able to keep an open mind going through this with Chelsea. And I commend you for accepting the diversity of others thoughts and no you are not any less sweet of a person after this story of your life. You are still the same person that we read and share with.

On with what I need to share. I have several friends and a cousin who are gay and it does not make me love them any less. I have been raised as an Episcopalian and was baptized into the Mormon church when I was 20 so I to have a religious upbringing and continue to follow. Being homosexual does not change a persons character, make them any less of a benefit to society, any less of a parent, etc.. I honestly feel that nobody who is truly homosexual would make that 'choice' for themselves. It causes pain and stresses for not only them but their family. Outcast in some society, trouble having families, obtaining jobs, having a legitimate marriage (entire nother discussion), unable to obtain innsurrance.

You, yourself, stated "In the end, I believe they are going to make wonderful adults. I believe they are all sewing their wild seeds early. I cant wait to see what they become!". You love your daughter, all of your children, very much and there is no doubt to that Rebekah.

Would your daughter agree perhaps to attending counseling with you? See if this is something she truly feels is in her heart and not something as a bandaid over a larger issue? And then you could bring out your beliefs and reasons against it on neutral territory? If cost becomes an issue look to colles (state and community colleges) as their counselling programs will usually offer discount services to the public. Just an idea. Good luck to you. Prayers your way!

val said...

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