Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers day!

I must be five years old in this picture!

I grew up in a family of four. It contained mom, dad, me and my sweet sister. Our little family of four was small but perfect for us. I secretly always wanted a brother but when I figured out that was never going to happen then I was content with my one sister which afforded me the opportunity to have my own room and other privileges that otherwise wouldn't be there with more siblings.

I remember many a mother day's. Me and my sister always had a plan. Often times it would include making breakfast in bed for my mom. We had no idea how to cook pancakes but we sure tried. Later I found out that pancakes included a few more ingredients then just flower and water, but we would never know (even to this day) that my mom didn't completely finish her plates of flower water pancakes. She was always thankful.

I love my mom. She raised me with lots of hugs and kisses and even though I would push her away many times in my life, not one time would she deny me her love. She always had my best interest in mind and I love her for that.

Now I'm a mom. I sit here on this beautiful mothers day. Everyone (save Skyler) is still sleeping. Ive celebrated many mothers days in my fourteen years of motherhood, but I'm not thinking of myself this morning. What truly makes me smile THIS mothers day is thinking about someone else that is celebrating HER first mothers day. I wish I was with her to give her a big hug.

So today, I celebrate my mom and Rebekah. Thank you mom for being a wonderful mother to me, and thank you Rebekah for being such a wonderful mother to our little boy.



Anonymous said...

You have a heart of gold!

Rebekah said...

THAT was the perfect close to a wonderful day. Thank you, Rebekah. Love you.

Annjeri said...

Happy Mothers Day sis. It was such a joy spending that beautiful day with you and mom. Love you.

Laura and Walter said...

You are an inspiration! Happy Mother's Day to you :) And I love your hair cut...

Gracelady said...

Oh Beckah, that is a beautiful Mother's day post.
So many times, as you were growing up, I got to experience such great moments of love from you and your sister. Including pasty pancakes and burnt french toast.
You know even though you acted like you didn't like the kisses I showered over you, I knew you needed those expressions of love, and I believe you still do!
Know that my love and care for you is deep and lasting girl.
I'm so happy I get to be your Mom and Grammie to your children.