Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adoption update and pregnancy update!!

Things are going so well. Better then I ever thought they would. You know, I always watch those shows on TLC (Adoption story) and the birth moms seem to always find the "perfect" parents for there baby. They talk about how they just automatically clicked and had so much in common. Until a few days ago I was very discouraged. I thought that I would just have to pick a family that I knew would raise the baby wonderfully but that I didn't click with and wouldn't have a relationship with. I was so wrong...and I am so blessed to be connected with B and R. That is who I will refer to them as. I am still learning about them but so far we have a lot in common. R and I were raised in very similar situations. She is a bit younger then me but I can already tell that spiritually and emotionally she is more mature then me. I have a lot to learn from this couple who I admire so much.

On the adoption front. I talked to the worker that will head up the adoption (I will call her J). I could not believe this but she will be flying out to meet me. WHAT? How cool is that? Of course I don't know when, probably not for a while but I am excited to meet her to. She also sent me some paperwork to fill out. I have been waiting and waiting for it but it has not arrived. I am impatient. LOL As soon as I get it Ill have it filled out the same day. I have to include some information from my OB confirming the pregnancy. Not a problem at all. So here I wait and try to be patient.

On the pregnancy front. I still have to be sure to eat every few hours or I go completely downhill with sickness. I can tell my energy has picked up so that is good. I have been able to get some deep cleaning around the house done that has been driving me crazy. I have still been taking my vitamins and my one baby aspirin per day. I take the aspirin to hopefully combat the hypertension I usually get at the end. I hope this works because I have never tried it. I have lots of ligament pulling which is very painful. This is a sign to me though that my uterus is growing and of course that means the baby is growing...all good signs. I hate how fat I get during pregnancy but I just have to remember that I have taken off the weight before and I can do it again after this precious one is born. I sometimes think I feel the baby move, but then I am never sure. This is normal, and I remember having these same feelings before at this stage. I keep going back and forth on renting a baby Doppler. It would be so nice to be able t hear the baby's heartbeat at any time. There are lots of times you get worried that something is wrong and that would just get rid of any fear. Still haven't decided on the cost of it.

I was thinking about this the other day. I have not one single thing for this baby. I have not bought anything and I wont. I don't need to. LOL Its so weird but actually a HUGE relief to me. I have a spring in my step lately because I know everything is going to be OK now. I have had such a burden on me thinking about how in the world I was going to raise another baby. I would literally have to purchase a different vehicle because I have NO room left in my car and get a new place to live. Sigh!!! To much for me, along with the varied other reasons. Anyway, it feels so good to know how things are going to go and to feel good and safe about it.

Ok, there are pictures of two ultrasounds that I want to post but I dont know how to post pictures here. If anyone can give me some advice I would love it. Do I need to use something like photo bucket and then transfer the link here? Do I put the link in my post? HELP!!!


Kriss said...

R, you can do one of two things. When your writing a post look on the post tool menu. It will show something that looks like a picture (blue sky, green trees). Click on it. You can either click the button that says browse and get images directly from your computer OR you can upload your photos to photobucket, copy the url code and paste it in the blank blogger gives you. Choice the size and click upload image. There you go. Easy pezy. :) -kriss

mak'n Changes said...

I am glad you are happy! IT makes me happy to hear the light hearted chat you have.. It doesn't seem heavy at all. Im so glad things are working out for you!! I love you forever my gorgeous, gorgeous cousin!!!


Anonymous said...

i just found your blog.... my husband and i are starting to look into adoption. I love the excitement you have and the joy. Thank you so much for giving life to this amazing child who will i am sure be a blessing to the adoptive family. I just want to cheer you on and encourage you. I look forward to reading about your journey!