Friday, January 30, 2009


Well, I am going to try to post pictures here. Ive never done it before. Thanks Kriss for the tips. Ill even try and add a video just for practice. Ok these first two pictures are of my old ultrasounds. The first one was very early and I believe (just guessing) I was only about six weeks. It was done impromptu at the doctors office on there in office machine by the nurse practitioner. So its a bit fuzzy. The second one was also done at the doc's office by the same lady on the same machine but I believe i was about nine or ten weeks. I like the second one because if you look really closely it looks like a little teddy bear. The first one looks like a fetal pole if that. LOL I had these done because I was still bleeding and the doctor didnt really know what to think of it. It was fun to see the baby in there so many times.

The third picture is of me. I don't know why I am posting this. I don't have many pictures of me because I am behind the camera.

So anyway, here is me. I think I need to go get my hair cut again because it is so long now and it doesn't look as good anymore. When would I go get my hair cut. LOL No way am I taking a three year old. :)

Well, I also LOVE to quilt. But more then quilting I love to cut quilting squares. SOOOOO!!! Last year I decided that I liked doing it so much that I would start selling my squares on eBay. Here are a few pictures of my favorite squares that I sell. I used to sell a BUNCH more but since I have been so so sick I have not had the energy to keep now I have about three sets up for auction on eBay. I have sent my squares to people throughout the world. Its so so much fun for me.

The last one I will show you is my lodge set. I love this set. The squares are just so beautiful and bright.

OK well I will stop posting pictures. It has been fun though. I cant find a video just yet. Maybe next time.
Today I have sent the two middle children off to school for a few hours. I was so happy a month or so ago to find a dentist that would actually schedule all four of my kids for appointments the same day. It is so frustrating to have several days of appointments because the doctor wont do more then two children a day. This dentist rocks. LOL So today, all four kids have dentist appointments. Guess whats next..???? THE EYE DOCTOR!! LOL It never ends. I am off on Fridays though so I don't have any babysitting kids and it will make it easier. I'm hoping for no cavities but I am not sure that will happen.
Ill probably post more later. TTFN!!
I edited this to say that my formating on this is terrable. :( Sheesh

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mak'n Changes said...

Love-Love-Love the picture of you!!!! What a great idea to post pictures of your hobbies too. this blogging thing is fun!!! Hey,, i took your pic of yourself and Im gonna put it on face book k? In my familia album. Love you!!!