Thursday, January 22, 2009

The hips dont lie!!!!!

My hips are killing me. I can tell that my body is changing quickly. My bones are already starting to relax. This is very normal...and I just have to give in to it. I still don't like it all. It makes me feel better that I am growing a precious baby inside me so that I can give it to a family who cant have babies.

I get increasingly sick at night time. Its weird. I do pretty good all day as long as I eat on time, but come evening time, I do NOT feel good and I am worthless. I am pretty sure I can feel the baby here and there. I always question if it really was the baby or something else. I will be glad when I can feel the baby for sure because that how I know that he/she is OK.

Tomorrow we meet with the counselor to officially tell the kids that we are not keeping the baby. They will probably be really mad and sad but that is why I have the counselor with me.

Ill update more later.

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Kriss said...

I hope your meeting went well. I have done nothing but think of you. Hugs.