Sunday, January 11, 2009

Its Sunday!!

The weekends go by so fast. We are going to church today. Chelsea has nursery duty so I make sure to go to church at least twice a month so she can do that. She likes to do it and I am proud of her because it can be hard sometimes.

Since I have been pregnant I have been having strange and weird dreams. I usually don't remember my dreams at all so its weird to have them. I'm surprised I even remember my dreams because I really feel like I am up every two hours to go pee. I go to the bathroom so often that I have a hard time keeping toilet paper in my house. LOL I guess it means I am not dehydrated. As far as the pregnancy goes, I am still feeling (most of the time but not all the time) pretty blaw. Its not as bad as before so I can tell that I am starting to get out of it...but it is still there and can be discouraging. I do think I feel the baby moving sometimes especially if I am sitting down...I can feel him/her jumping on my bladder. I think that's only because I have had so many babies and I know how it feels.

My (ex) sister-in-law's birthday is coming up so I needed to find her a present. She wanted a pair of g*oucho pants but she is unable to find them at any local store. The people tell us that they are not in style anymore. GRRRR!! So I found them online and bought her a pair. I hope they are here in time.

I bought the movie "The Notebook" from Target last night. I got it on sale for seven dollars and fifty cents. I just love that movie. Such a heart warming movie. When I was watching it (with Chelsea the twelve year old) I told her that I pray she finds her one man that she can fall in love with and grow old with someday. I pray that she doesn't use my mistakes as examples and finds her own path. I have not been a good example for my kids as far as men go. I hope now that I have learned such a hard lesson that I can turn my own life around and really set a Godly example for my kids as far as relationships with men and women go. I want them to have a better life then I have.

I have also been looking for a new place to live. I currently live in an apartment and my laundry facility is not in my home. It has started to be a huge pain in my butt. I am also in a not so good school district. I like the schools but I don't like the kids. I don't know where it will take me but I am hoping for a different place to live and a home with washer and dryer inside. I will be a happy momma.

Then, the last question I get a three bedroom or four. I just don't know what the future holds.

Waiting is so hard.

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