Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh my sweet Skyler!!!

I just had to post this. I don't post enough about my kids and I want to because otherwise the years go by and you forget things. My kids are not like other peoples kids. I can say this because I have observed other peoples kids and they do not act like mine. (giggle) When Chelsea was four, and I lived in Michigan I found a dear friend through my church who also had kids and we started having girlfriend time when our husbands were away. The first time I went to her house I could see how beautiful it was. Everything had a place but there were not toys to be found. She said "all the toys are downstairs in the basement, Chelsea can go down and play." I was really taken back by this as I had never let Chelsea go play any ware like that and have so much freedom...because like I kids are different. So, I asked my friend "Is it child proof down there?" She assured me that it was completely safe and there was nothing she could really get into. I sighed and let my four year old go play with the other kids. About a half hour later I see Chelsea come around the corner. Now, my Chelsea has been blessed with Shirley Temple curls. They are so beautiful, just rings and rings of curls. When I saw my daughter come up the stairs, she no longer had any curls. She had managed to find the BRIGHT green, Apple scented hand soap in the bathroom and used it for hair gel. Her hair was slicked back and GREEN. She was a sight. The basement was child proof, but it was not Chelsea proof. I love Chelsea, now she is twelve (almost thirteen) and her curiosity for things she should not get into as a little tike, has now turned into a bright healthy and happy pre-teen.

Knowing that Chelsea grew out of her mischief stage. I sure hope there is hope for Skyler. I turned my back on him today to go to the bathroom and just check the email......BIG MISTAKE. When I went back to his room to check on him, he had pored a gallon (NEW gallon) of 2% milk all over his floor and lapping it up like a dog. Over to the side of the freshly pored milk was the chocolate syrup....he was about to use. THANK GOD I walked in when I did. He had a very long time out as I steam cleaned the carpet and mumbled under my breath. LOL He kept saying "sorry mom, sorry mom."

I am so thankful tonight for the steam cleaner I got for Christmas. I cant tell you how disgusting my apartment would be without it.

More tomorrow. Im off to bed.

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mak'n Changes said...

OMG! Becky that is hilarious! I love that you shared that story,, i had a good belly laugh. Love you forever