Sunday, January 25, 2009

Telling the kids!!

So we had an appointment with the counselor on Friday. All five of us went in (four kids and me) and she had us do an activity first. There was a big tub of wooden blocks of different shapes and another tub of doll house furniture and little people. We were to build the house of our dreams together and then make a story of it. Basicly Chelsea and Matt were boored and didnt seem to want to participate as much. Skyler just played with the doll house stuff and then proceded to giggle as he stepped on it. Victoria was really into it and basicly built the whole house. While we were doing it the counselor took notes.

So when that was over she basicly left the floor open for me. She had decided that it was my job to tell them but she was the support system. So when it was my turn to talk I immediatly started bawling. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I always cry at the worst times. I generally can keep it together. So I told the kids as I was crying. Matt said he was sad but he really has not shown it at all. Chelsea (the twelve year old) said she was scarred that I was going to say something else and that she is ok. Skyler is of course three and has no idea what is going on. Victoria (the ten year old) cried her eyes out for two days. She is the one of my kids that takes EVERYTHING very seriously. She is hard for me to handle emotionally because emotionally she is just really out there and I dont know how to handle it. I have always been one of those people that are like "get over it." I am not mean to her but she really has a hard time getting over things. For example: last year MY Aunt Mary died. We were all very sad but Victoria was the SADDEST. LOL Now the thing that is funny about this is that she had only met Aunt Mary once. She could not get over the death of AM for about a month. So needless to say, she is having a hard time and everyone else is ok.

I am excited now. I can now emotionally really start preparing for this adoption process. I have told all my family and they are all supportive.

I will get a call from the agency Tuesday. By then they should have got my signed paperwork in the mail. Then I can get some more profiles in the mail. I did not like the ones they initially sent.

Kriss, I love weight watchers. My mom works for them and I believe I have about ten to fifteen of the cook books. I also just found out that I can do the weight watchers program while I am pregnant. How exciting. I might just get started on that next time I get groceries. God knows I dont need to gain any more weight. Oh and I think you (Kriss) are my only reader. LOL Thats cool, I love the support you give me. Its amazing. There is something about being supported by people you dont see every day.


Kriss said...

I am so glad your meeting went well. I am sorry V. is so sad but I think you handled telling the kids the right way. I can't even imagine the position your in right now and I applaud your thoughtfulness to wanting to help familys who can't get pregnant. What does your agency say about the father situation though? Also if you don't mind me asking what is your critiera for the profiles. Besides same faith, are you looking for SAHM or certain area of Colorado? Open adopton, semi open or closed. Hope I am not being too invasive. Hugs and I am always here for you. We have known each other for a long time online. Thanks for sharing your journey.

pregnancynews89 said...

i think you should consult doctor before enrolling in any weight programs .congrats for being pregnant.wishing good luck to you and your baby

Anonymous said...


Kriss isn't your only reader. :O) I'm sure you have lots of people that pop in from time to time anonymously.

God bless you and your pregnancy. You're decision of adoption is amazing, and you are one beautiful, selfless woman.

You were heavy on my mind today and I am praying for you, baby, and adoptive family.