Sunday, April 19, 2009

30 weeks 3 days!!

I'm in the third trimester now. This trimester brings a whole bunch of lovely pregnancy symptoms. Some of which I will comment on and others I just wont because they are to yucky and embarrassing.

Ive been feeling a lot of energy. I am able to do a lot around the house. But even though I have lots of energy, my body just wont let me do all that I want to do. Getting in and out of my car is painful because it is so low to the ground so for some reason its just hard to get in and out and hurts my hips. Turning over in bed from one side to the other makes me wince. When I walk, get up or pretty much do anything else I can feel my hips shifting and its very painful and uncomfortable.

Beyond the pain, I am feeling a little nauseous again. Its not nearly as bad as the first trimester but I have the same symptoms as the first trimester just in a more mild form. It helps if I don't eat sugary foods. I do much much better with fruits and veggies and salads. Those foods don't keep me full very long but at least they don't make me sick. Speaking of staying full, I am hungry all the time. Its very frustrating because I'm back to square one where I have to eat every two hours or I start gagging and get very sick. I try to chug a big cup of water to see if that will substitute eating but it doesn't help. I am (again) gaining to much weight. I have to NOT be sick though to take care of my kids.

Baby seems to be doing fine. I am amazed how strong he is. Sometimes I feel I am doing to much or lifting my son to much but, amazingly baby seems to be strong and so far there are no problems with him. Its just me. LOL

Overall, this pregnancy is the same as any other one I have had except its harder because I have four other kids to care for.

The goal: To get through the next few months and have a beautiful healthy baby to hug snuggle and then pass on to Rebekah and Ben. I think about it every day and look forward to seeing them again more and more. Cant wait for June. :)


mak'n Changes said...

Here's a funny story. I figured out 2 days ago that there are 3 trimesters in a full trimester. Women would always tell me which trimester they were in and I never understood what they were talking about until 2 days ago! Hello, I'm cindie and I'm 34 and I JUST GOT A CLUE!
Sorry u r feeling bad. I'm glad te little man is staying strong. I love u forever, most amazing cousin!

Lerin said...

I am so with you on hip pain and returning nausea. I'm also eating a lot to compensate. Up to this point, I'd only gained 9 pounds... then stepped on the scale this morning and was shocked by 3 more pounds in one single week! Baby is worth it, but WOW. We're almost there, Mama, hang in there!

Anonymous said...

The last trimester is fun huh? lol I LOVE the picture of you (?) in the blue dress! Sooo adorable!