Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good bye high chair!!!!

Its time to say good bye to the high chair. Its a sad day for me. This high chair has held many a sweet babies in its lifetime. I have used it for my youngest son where he received his first star nose in it.

His first birthday in it.
And his first birthday cake in it, of which he didn't like very much.

But it means more to me then that. It means saying good bye to baby days. I love that I have all these pictures of my sweet baby boy and all the precious little ones I have babysat over the last few years in it. Its weird that a high chair can hold so much meaning. My mother in law bought it for me when I was pregnant with Skyler. It was such a sweet gift.

Now it will go to one of the little people that I once babysat. He doesn't have a high chair and since I am not babysitting any more, I felt it was fitting that it go to him.

Bye high chair and bye baby days. I will miss you both.


mak'n Changes said...

you know what that means right? That is one step closer to all the kids going to school and you getting to have a little quiet time in your life. Imagine the day!


Anonymous said...

Awww....very sweet. And the picture of Sky's little mohawk is just about the cutest picture I've ever seen!!! Here's to a new chapter in your life!

- R

Ginger said...

Good-bye high chair!

Lerin said...

Ohsweetue, it is always hard for me to let go of baby items too. They hold some of the dearest memories! But I am so glad your generousheartis allowing you to let go and give it to a family who needs it. I love the photos, how sweet! It's funny because my son Benalso HATES birthday cake and cried on hisfirst birthday when we tried to feed him some. ;) This year, we did cookies instead. :)